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Get Your Perfect Wispy Lashes To Slay This Summer-LASHES AMOR

Get Your Perfect Wispy Lashes To Slay This Summer

Perfect wispy summer lashes. Recently, we received a letter from our customer. She wants some real wispy lashes. So we sort out our wispy lashes styles and we would like to introduce some of them. With those beautiful mink lashes, you will be able to perfect your light summer look.

>>Wispy mink lash collection<<

What Is Wispy Lashes?

Wispy lashes refer to bundled eyelashes, and the layer of the eyelashes is more noticeable. Therefore, the appearance effect is kind of sun flower looking, which is a very eye-catching. It has a special effect with the combination of crisscross lashes. The distribution of hair and the length is the very important in wispy lashes.

Perfect wispy summer lashes

Best Selling Wispy Lashes

We will recommend some hot sell wispy lashes. Perfect wispy summer lashes

20mm mink lashes DM001 This is actually a slightly crossed style with 5 strong bundles of lashes. It is very beautiful in your eyes with the shape of the petals scattered. Thanks to its design and the worker’s good craft, this wispy lashes is the best selling. And this eyelash can be taken anywhere for most kinds of makeup.

20mm mink lashes DM005 has no crisscross effect, so it looks a bit bold. The bundles are more obvious and got a huge volume.

25mm mink lashes DH008 is the popular length in the US market. Not only is the length of the eye, but also the volume of the lashes. Our workers make do eyelashes well-distributed according to the designer’s method. This effect looks a bit dramatic. But eyelashes should always be different from others, right?

Perfect wispy summer lashes

25mm mink lashes this length is also amazing. They’re so wispy and natural-looking. Definitely go-to date night pair.

Double layer 25mm mink lashes  The art of wearing false eyelashes is as much about the strip as it is about the hairs used to make the lashes. The strip on these double-volume lashes is so soft it’s imperceptible. If you are a wispy lashes biggest fan, you should not miss this one.

So much for today. If you want to see more styles in the future,pls follow and keep attention to us.  If you have some topics and your opinions to share,welcome contact us.

We also offer customized eyelash services. No matter what kind of eyelashes you want, our professional designers will make this come true.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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