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New Lashes Boxes This Week-Lashes Amor

New Lashes Boxes This Week

Yesterday, we got new lashes packaging boxes. Although we already have a lot of beautiful lash boxes, we have been constantly preparing New lash packaging boxes for our customers.

I would like to introduce these two new boxes for lashes. It really looks pretty and fabulous. It gonna hit the market this year I believe.

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Silver Wheat Lashes Box

The first one is our silver wheat lashes box with windows. This box design is made up of different small shiny squares. These small squares make up the vine pattern. It has a diamond texture,adds glamour to the lashes. The whole box is gleaming. It is exquisite from any angle. With our 25mm mink lashes, it looks very luxurious,as you see. I think it is perfect to put one in your dinner bag, and when you go out for a date,definitely choose this blinking silver lashes boxes.

New lash packaging boxes-1

Golden Flora Lashes Box -Mulan

This one is a golden box. The golden surface has some dark lines of flowers and plants. This gold is not a very golden gold. It is kind of gold between gold and rose gold. This is suitable for longer eyelashes because it also has a window that looks directly inside. It is also good to put some volume eyelashes to up to this gorgeous looking boxes.You can see our 25mm mink lashes in the box.

Recently, Disney welcomed the first Chinese princess Mulan, I think this golden lashes beauty box is just like Mulan. This is a traditional Chinese style, a bit like the ancient Chinese jewelry box. So it is in a unique atmosphere. It is both classical texture and bold color.No matter what occasion you go on, if you take out with this box, people will pay attention to you. So this box must have a false eyelash that is very eye-catching. Such as double-layer eyelashes and 25mm mink eyelashes.

New lash packaging boxes-2

New lash packaging boxes

Which one do you prefer? These two boxes are so beautiful. Not only for your lashes business but also for gifts. These two-box will be definitely a surprise if you show them to your friends.

Both of our new wholesale eyelash boxes are more exquisiteness. Only be seen by yourself,can you feel how good looks of these two lashes boxes.It is such a beautiful lash box that can match our high-end products volume lashes. Besides,we will introduce more beautiful custom lashes packaging in the future. PLs pay attention and follow us.

Better lashes, better life.Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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