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Most Affordable Lash Packaging

As a Mink Lash Wholesaler, I like Ardell’s lash packaging the most. Ardell’s eyelash packaging box is simple, strong, lightweight, and cost-effective. Amor eyelash wholesaler uses several pictures to show Ardell’s eyelash packaging box, if you want to establish your own eyelash company and do a big eyelash business, you can find Amor Eyelash Wholesaler to customize this kind of packaging.

Affordable Lash Packaging

Lash Packaging suitable for supermarket display

The perforated design on the top can be placed on the supermarket hook very well. If your eyelash brand can enter Wal-Mart and CVS physical stores, this designer is very necessary. This is where this package has more advantages than other packages.

Opening on the right for easy access to eyelashes

This package is only open on the right side, not on the left side. This kind of card box packaging is stronger than the box with bilateral openings. The eyelash holder is covered with a protective cover. This plastic cover can bear the pressure and support the box without deformation, which is enough to bear the pressure of other packages during transportation.

Affordable Lash Packaging

Lash Packaging lightweight

The entire packaging is made of thin but tough cardboard, which is light in weight, can save international and domestic shipping costs, and deliver benefits to consumers.

Lash Packaging cost-effective

When you order eyelashes in bulk from Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor, you can ask for this packaging for free, as long as you only pay $30 for the custom logo layout fee, you can get free packaging, so this box is cost-effective, you could even say get this pack for free! Remember, bulk order is for more than 300 pairs at a time! Amor Eyelash Vendor even offers you free shipping if you can order more than 500 pairs!

How to customize such packaging?

Affordable Lash Packaging

To customize such a packaging box, we need to remove all traces of Ardell and replace it with our own content so that customers can understand the eyelash merchant’s brand, website, social media account, after-sales service phone number through the packaging; eyelash quality and material information, this information It’s what customers care about, and we break it down and list it.

Brand name

The brand name is placed in place of number 1, and the brand name of the seller is printed to strengthen consumers’ awareness of the eyelash brand. Of course, customers still have to wear eyelashes in the end. Only high-quality eyelashes can give customers a pleasant experience, and a pleasant experience can Let customers really recognize the brand and continue to buy.

Lash style description

The position of the number 2 is used to describe the eyelash style. The eyelash style can be divided into natural style, volume style, and mega volume style according to the thickness of the eyelashes. It can also be divided into cat eyelashes and wet eyelashes according to the eye shape. Of course, you can put aside these categories and name your own style, such as Miami Lashes, Night Out, etc., it’s up to you.

Lash Thinning Description

Make full use of the space in the packaging box to show the advantages of eyelashes through words. A text can be added at the position of number 3, such as seamless eyelashes, flawless eyelashes, 100% handmade mink lashes, or Cruelty-free Mink Lashes, etc., to strengthen consumers’ confidence in eyelashes.

Eyelash experience

There are many descriptions for the experience of eyelashes, such as lightweight, soft and smooth eyelashes, easy to wear, and can be reused more than 20 times, etc., and can be placed in two places of number 4 and number 5 to let customers know more about eyelashes.

A real person wearing renderings

It is very necessary for real people to wear renderings. Select the best picture from your makeup renderings and display them in the position of guarantee and number 8, which will serve as a good selection guide for consumers.

The seller’s contact information

Print your company name, website address, and influential social media accounts in the position of number 6, so that consumers have more channels to understand your company, channels to understand eyelash products and obtain knowledge consultation, and also give Consumers provide an entrance for repeat purchases.

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