What Lash Style Fit Your Eyeshape?

What Lash Style Fit My Eyeshape?

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers found that many lash business clients only choose the lash styles that they love themselves, this is not right! A commen sense that different eyeshape need different False Eyelashes styles to meet with,Thus there is a big question , do you know what eyeshape your clients will be? what lash style will satify the demand of your clients? Have you ever thought of this question when you do lash business?

Amor Lash Vendor has solved this problem for you, we divided 5 different eyeshape according to our lash business data, and have prepared many suitable lash styles for each eyeshape, established an lash list for your reference before you place order, please read carefully, believe this will be great help to you, no mater self or lash business!

False Eyelashes For Round Eyes

Round and Downturned eyes
Round Eyes

Cat Eye Style Lashes:
Winged and wispy lashes, with inner corner shorter hairs but out corner longger hairs, this will go along the lash line, well to help create a cat eye shape.
Doll Eye Styles Lashes:
The thin lashes with a short-long pattern, that gives a bit of a doll-like effect that opens up the eye.
Unfit lash styles:
Voluminous false eyelashes are Wrong styles for round eyes

  • Cat Eye Style Lashes

Doll Eye Style Lashes–Cashmere Vegan Lashes

The Right False Eyelashes For Almond Eyes

Almond eyes
Almond eyes

 Almond shaped eyes are incredibly versatile. They have a slight point on the ends and are wide in the center of the eyes. Most styles will compliment this shape so it all depends on what look you are going for. Consider all of our lashes game for almond eyes. However, here are the lashes I recommend for Sexier Cat Eye Style and Dramatic Doll Styles for you.

  • Cat Eye Styles
  • Dramatic Doll Eye Styles

The Right False Eyelashes For Hooded Or Small Eyes

False Lashes for Hooded Eyes or Small Eyes
False Lashes for Hooded Eyes or Small Eyes

If you have hooded eyes that means you have a bit more skin right above your crease. We want to create a depth effect that will open the eyes at the center and giving it the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes. The lashes you want to select to achieve this illusion are styles that are fuller in the center, the lashes with shorter lengths. The best styles of lashes for this effect are recommended below.

The Right False Eyelashes For Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-Set Eyes with eyes that sit under a stunning and prominent brow bone, you have such flexibility to choose lashes that are more Dramatic Eyelash Styles without the lashes overpowering your eyes.  I would recommend our lashes with more length, density and volume as deep-set eyes could carry it so beautifully and will compliment them the best. Here are our best-selling lashes for deep-set eyes

  • Dramatic Lashes For Deep-Set Eyes
  • Medium Volume Lashes For Deep-Set Eyes

The Right False Eyelashes For Monolid Eyes

For monolid eyes , false lashes can create such difference in aesthetics. False lashes will give an awaken effect to the eyes, accentuating it like no other. Because monolid eyes often naturally have straight lashes, the styles I would recommend would be styles with more flare for openness and length on the outer corners to create an illusion of an elongated eye shape. Shop from the styles below:

  • Light Thinner Vegan Lash Styles For Monolid Eyes

Light Thicker Mink Lash Styles For Monolid Eyes

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8 months ago

very informative blog, this help a lot. i am learning what lashes will order