How To Start Lash Business 99$ Investment?

99$ Investment Solution For Part time Eyelash Business

If you are a housewife, student, jobseeker, and anyone wants to start a part time job to earn a living, but you don’t want to invest to much at begining, you are now in a right website! Amor Lash Vendors submit an 99$ solution, give you more choice to start your mink lashes business, this great idea has help many ladies at first, and finally these ladies become our loyal clients and continiouly place order later on!

100$ to start your lashes business

10 pairs Lashes Amor mink lashes, mixed styles, and FREE SHIPPING! Only 99$!

Where Can I Take Choice 10 Pairs Mink Lashes?

From the following Eyelash Catalogs, you can choose any 10 pairs False Eyelashes, of course, you can choose 10 different lash styles, you can choose 6 styles 10 pairs as well, thats depends upon your lash business strategy, then you can start your lash business with 5 days, we can ship to you within 3 days if all going well.

What Eyelash Box Can Get?

1 Eyelash Case or Eyelash Packaging Box can be find from the following Lash Packaging Box catalogs, you can choose any of them from them free, to finish your order.

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More Introduction For Lash Business And Amor Lash Vendors

To support novice eyelashes business quickly, and reduce costs, support more people to create their own lashes business and brand!

If you’re a newbie to the world of eyelashes, you need to know A to Z on selecting the best eyelash manufacturers plus tips to start your own lashes business. Our experts have spent two weeks collecting the data you find below.  From finding the best wholesale lashes supplier in China to selecting the best and working with them to launch a gorgeous lash business, we have found all the answers you need.

We have checked all the rule books to ensure that your eyelashes business is off to a good start. The dream of establishing and owning a successful eyelashes business is not far away.

Why Buy from Wholesale Eyelash Manufacturers?-Lashes Amor

When you buy eyelashes from a retailer, he is trying to profit by the piece. You will never get enough options on your buy as every lash comes with the logo of the seller. On the contrary, with a wholesale eyelash supplier, you can get your own unique style of eyelashes, manufactured at an extremely low price.

Eyelash manufacturers are found in hundreds and thousands around the world. But, any manufacturer wouldn’t do. You need wholesale eyelash manufacturers who you can trust and depend on to do a great job for your new brand. We will help you sift through the best mink lashes sellers from China, the factory of the world. Lashes Amor, the best lashes vendor in China!

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Bestselling Eyelash Styles and Types

When you’re deciding on the lash application style and type that will define your brand, you need to be focused. Select the eyelashes variety that you want to help your brand stand out from the competition. Browse the following eyelashes styles to create your lash brand.

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What Is Mink Eyelashes?

Made from mink hair, mink eyelashes are lightweight, thick, and soft to touch. They are made from the tails of Chinese and Siberian minks. Natural-looking false lashes from mink eyelashes are good for almost all eye shapes with varying lengths and curls. If mink lashes are too heavy on the wallet or the conscience, you can replicate the look with faux 3D mink lashes too.

3d Faux Mink Lashes/Vegan Lashes

When you place three extensions instead of one over the traditional lashes, it becomes 3D. Used for creating a natural look, 3D faux mink lashes are affordable and long-lasting too. It makes your lashes look lush and full.

Synthetic Vegan eyelashes
Lustrous and glossy, synthetic eyelashes are not the same as natural eyelashes. They are heavy and uncomfortable to wear for a long time. However, if you want to redefine artificial eyelashes in your work, we, Lashes Amor also have many kinds of artificial eyelashes. 3D synthetic eyelashes are particularly popular among eyelash artists.

How To Start an Online Brand Selling False Lashes?

Dos and Don’ts When Starting Your Own Eyelashes Business

If you are new to the idea of eyelashes, you need to calm down and think twice before finalizing your plan. Paying attention to the challenges in the eyelash business will help you overcome them easily. We have consulted with various successful eyelash retail experts and artists to come up with the following list to help you run your lashes business smoothly.

Choose mink lashes as your businessLashes Amor

Start a mink lashes business is a good idea!

Starting a successful eyelash business is tough if you’re a rookie. If you’re experienced, good for you. There’s much more you can learn from our experts below when they point out the best tips that can make or break a lash business.

Lash clients need trust in integrity and honesty from their lash artists. Do you need to invest a lot in being a lash artist? How to keep your clients coming back as a lash artist? All the answers are waiting below for you …

Research The Market and Demographics

The first step in starting your own eyelash business is research. You need to have a clear understanding of the person you want to serve. To do this, go to your local park or bench, and watch among the crowd of Hee Hee watches where you want to set up the venue. Record the age, gender, nature, and style of the market group.

You can also go online and start browsing local demographic information in your area. Find an eyelash artist that suits a particular group of people. If you see a place where no one dares to be an eyelash artist, please use it as a clue.

Try to make yourself the ideal client role so that you always know who you want to serve as an eyelash artist.

  Name Your Brand. Define Your Brand. Register Your Brand.

The second most important thing to start your own eyelash business is to name your brand. You need to define the brand you want to start. Choose a name that reflects your ideal customer role. When naming a brand, also try to impress your target audience.

After determining the brand name, the next step is to describe its mission, goals, and vision. Try to figure out what sets you apart from your competitors.

The next job is to register your brand. Please contact your local authorities and register the brand. The situation in each state is different, and the same situation will inform you of the requirements you need to make.

Once you’ve determined your brand name, the next step is to describe its missions, goals, and visions. Try to think of the reasons that set you apart from your competitors.

Check Out Your Competitors

When you’re trying to tap into the lash demographic, you need to know what your competitors are offering. You can Pose as a client and visit your competitor’s saloon so that you know the type of experience they offer as well as the prices. Competitor menu is a good place to get ideas to make your own.

You can take a walk around your locality to find the competitors. Alternatively, you can also google the keywords that define your business such as ‘lash business’, and find other businesses. It will help you get inspired and boost your confidence as a lash artist. Checking your competition also shines a light on the tactics they use and the best techniques to attract and retain your lash clients.

Rent Vs Home Vs Office for Your Lash Business

If your financial situation is unstable, you can rent a saloon space to start your eyelash business at any time. When you have stable income and frequent customers, you can change the rental housing to permanent housing. In this case, you do not need a lot of start-up capital. The general consensus is that only in the third year will you reach a balance of payments.

When you start a family-based salon, the rent may be low. However, you need to invest in eyelashes and salon equipment from scratch. Safety and insurance depend on your personal choice in the home eyelash salon.

Obtaining a salon space requires a lot of money. However, if you treat it as an investment, you can definitely get a return.

You can also have a mobile eyelash station where you can go to the client’s home for eyelash sessions. Although, setting the portability and comfort level of the site elsewhere may be a bit difficult.

Create a menu

After completing the research, you need a menu. You don’t need to charge high amounts to get noticed. You can beat the competition by charging fair fees. Check the personal branding tips for lash artists.

Think about what you can offer in the menu. Regular eyelash salons provide the following items and services, such as initial set, filling, removal and even gift cards. If you know, you can also add other beautician services.

You can include new services, or you can fill them by eyelash type, amount, or curl. Another way to divide the eyelash business menu is by the individual, group, and friend packages. Eyelash perm and eyebrow extension are other services to be included in the menu. Coloring, shaping, and supplements can be added to your eyelash salon menu too.

Selling an experience

Instead of selling eyelash extension fillers, it is better to sell the entire experience. The spa offers more atmosphere than services. Similarly, provide your customers with more than expected benefits. Tips for retaining eyelashes for clients will help you do this.

When starting a new business, you can build brand awareness by adding rewards to customers. Keep the station clean. Always have sanitary tools ready. Warmly welcome your customers and make the session all about them.

Make a new official email ID

If possible, I will take this as the first point. After determining the brand name, the next step is to create a branded email ID. Your is not appropriate for office email. If you do not have a professional eyelash brand website, please get new email ideas on Gmail or Hotmail.

When presenting the card, please make sure that this email ID is on the card. Forward emails to your personal ID or schedule official emails to be checked 4-5 times a week. It will reflect your brand image and it will increase your brand awareness.

Get a professional website

The most important step in setting up a new eyelash business is exposure. If you don’t have credibility, fame, and popularity, then your business will do nothing. For eyelash professionals, a physical salon is a must. However, by attracting customers from online search engines, you can also double your profits. How to do it? Set up an eyelash website and add content searched by the target audience.

You can hire developers and content writers to stand out from the competition and promote your brand globally.

Open A Bank Account/ Paypal in Your Brand Name

Once you’re all set, the next step is to set up your official bank account. Go to your parent bank and talk to the customer care executives about setting up a bank account. Typically, your business registration number is a must-have for setting up a bank account under your brand name.

You can also set up a PayPal Business name and account for your brand. Furthermore, divert the earnings to your PayPal account directly. With a large audience finding PayPal easy to use, setting up will be crucial for your lash business.

Choose a good booking system

Next is your reservation system. Do you follow the pen and paper reservation system? Meaning, the secretary is manually recording information and summarizing it into a reservation? Then, you need to provide a modern booking system for the eyelash business.

A good booking system will satisfy customers and keep you up to date without confusion or interference. Having to reschedule is not a good comment on any lashes business. Your booking system will determine whether your lashes business will grow or fall.

What is your adhesive? Where do you source your eyelashes?

We understand that you are trying to develop a cost-effective budget. But are you ready to sacrifice your customers and brand reputation for this? You need to obtain certified quality eyelash glue. It will determine the appearance of the eyelashes on your client and the life of the eyelashes. What should you do if your customers do not respond well? High-quality eyelash glue companies always send you sample glue, you can try it before finalizing your choice.

After determining the glue, you need a basic eyelash supplier. You can customize them with your brand logo at Lashes Amor. We cater to custom eyelashes and related products, so you can create a unique business around your talents and skill set.

When you are trying to find the best eyelashes for your customers, please consider using 3d artificial mink eyelashes, mink eyelashes, 3D mink eyelashes, and synthetic eyelashes. Giving them enough choices is essential to show the authority of your eyelashes!

In conclusion

Want to know how to keep your eyelash clients and get them back? We have you! Any other questions? Ask us below!

Eyelash Business Logo

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Mink lashes customization

For Custom Mink Eyelashes, we provide 3 special services:

1.Style: Tell me the style you want, We will give you the best advice from a professional perspective, how good the inspiration is, how unique your eyelashes are.

2.Length: Don’t worry about the style you like without the length you want, we give you absolute freedom. You only need to choose the style to tell us the length you want. Think about what you think and what you need.

3.Color: Our high-quality eyelashes are black, but not limited to black. You can customize colored eyelashes and life should be colorful. Guccilashes Haute Couture to meet your colorful life

Mink lashes entrepreneurial assistance

We will give discount for every starters!

women are dancing

Our Designer Team Keep your business safe

Mink Eyelash Design Team led by OSCAR -The Founder And The Designer Of The Company, They Majored in arts and design, Custom Eyelash Design.

His Mink Eyelash Team has the sharpest eye and always see beautiful and different things. His fashion sensitivity about Mink lashes no one can touch.

Mink Lashes3d Mink Lashes25mm Lashes5d Mink Lashes are all created by them.

His Mink Eyelash Team design Philosophy about Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes, 25MM Lashes based on Human Nature, No limitation and no copy.

His Mink Eyelash Team Keep studying about the Clothing trend, makeup trend, Culture of different countries. Pay Attention to a living standard that will affect the mind-changing, Aesthetic change. And He changes the Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes, 25MM Lashes design accordingly.

They are Looking for inspiration to create the most popular Mink Lashes, 3D Mink Lashes, Best Mink Lashes, Natural Mink Lashes and gives us the most competitive advantage.

In this way, we can always let customers seize the market opportunity and win more profits and values for customers. That’s what we do, win-win together!


Q: I would like to know the shipping details.

A: Usually, we use DHL to ship the goods. The Express cost is only usd25.00 below 0.5kgs.  It will take 1-2working days to reach your side. It is fast and safe. Others are also ok, There are many many express companies in China, as the UPSFedEx, TNT, ADPEXDPEX and so on. Just meet your request.

Q: Will you do the same style as the photos I gave you?

A: False Eyelashes are a handmade product, just like ironing hair. It is impossible to get the picture to be exactly the same. If we make your order promise you the same is to deceive you, we can not guarantee to do exactly the same, but we can guarantee that the effect is beyond your imagination.

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