Mink Lash Mixed Sample Packs

Mink Lashes Mixed Sample Packs

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Lashes Amor Mink Lashes Mixed Samples For Customers Who Want To Start Mink Eyelash Business And The Mink Eyelash Book For The cosmetic peers, new business beginners, and makeup artists.

Mixed All Mink Eyelashes

>>>Customization Samples on Rectangular eyelashes Packagings<<<

  1. Pick 6 pairs of 3 styles of DM Series-20mm, mixed with 4 pairs of 3D Series-13-16mm

“I love this brand because they have really natural-looking sets in every collection (their ‘light volume’ options), which feel really weightless on the eyes while still being noticeable.” — Jessica Janko, executive beauty editor

“These are my go-to date night pair. They’re natural-looking, but add fullness to my lashes that mascara can’t achieve. The lightweight band is also super comfortable.” — Kat O’brian, beauty assistant

2. Pick 8 pairs of DW Series- 18-20MM , total vegan!

Mink Eyelash Book For Makeup Artist

Mink Eyelash Book Is prepared for makeup artists or the customers who show in the exhibition. They look at the Mink Lashes styles on the sample board. Put a book outside to improve the class. It is more convenient for customers to choose from…

Want to know more about styles and lengths? Check this out!


Q: What is the first purchase budget?

A: Ask this question yourself, what is your budget? How big do you want to make your eyelash business?

It’s important to have a good start, to help new customers save time and avoid wasting budget. You can start with the template. The model includes explosions and potential models for each style. A few times, there is an enhanced contrast.

Q: Do you sell your products anywhere else other than your website?

A: We sometimes team up with collaborators and also attend live-shows. If your are ever unsure if an item is a genuine Lashes Amor product, then please contact us before purchasing.

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