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How to maintain mink eyelashes for Christmas special

How to maintain mink eyelashes for Christmas

Maintain mink lashes for Christmas. The mink eyelashes produced by Lashes Amor are high-end luxury items. Each hair is carefully selected and processed with high technology. In order to make each pair of eyelashes realistic and natural, each hair has a tip.

Due to the limited length of mink hair, you can’t make it as long as you want like chemical fiber. You can tie the hair on the eyeliner by hand. The surface of animal hair is oily and the glue is difficult to penetrate. Lashes Amor glue comes from the United States. Postdoctoral researcher Tony Sun personally developed and obtained patents. Our glue is healthy, odorless, soft and durable. But even so, because the mink hair is glued, you can’t pull the hair hard, let alone rub the roots of the hair. When choosing the mink eyelashes produced by Lashes Amor, you must use good glue to stick the eyelashes, the best glue It’s DUO, you can also choose our glue.

>>Christmas Special<<

Maintain mink lashes for  Christmas

Specific steps to maintain mink lashes

Maintain mink lashes for Christmas. When removing the eyelashes from the workbench, we have asked the worker to reserve a section of eyeliner. You need to use tweezers to clamp the excess eyeliner, gently remove it, and cut off the excess part. Try to choose to have a gap when cutting. Do not choose random cuts where there are more hairs. Some hairs will fall off in areas with more hairs. This is normal. Don’t worry too much. The remaining hair is still firm. It will not affect the wearing effect.

When removing the eyelashes, use a good glue remover to gently wipe off the glue remaining on the roots of the mink eyelashes. Do not rub it hard! Don’t tear it hard!

When removing the eyelashes, be sure to place them on the original holder, keep the eyeliner soft and curved, and don’t throw it casually.

Dear users, the more expensive things are, the more they must be maintained and cherished. So that they can be used for a long time. If you don’t cherish it, it won’t cherish you.
Just like silk clothes, Rolls-Royce cars, you have to use them carefully to get better and better. More and more able to reflect value.

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