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Lea Elui,You Don’t Need Too Much Lashes!

Only few pairs cluster mink lashes enough

Beautiful women do not need heavy makeup, just a little auxiliary eyelash extensions can be more beautiful!
The adorable Lea Elui! She is literally the sweetest and cutest person ever! 0nly few pairs cluster lashes make-up makes her more charming!

This picture is before make up, how about when she wear few piece cluster lashes?

Only apply few cluster mink lashes when doing make up, you are changing to another sexy girl, now looks super charming.

Get bold and full lashes when you use the whole pack or a go for a more subtle flared cat-eye when you use fewer segments as accents. Let the world see what you have got. The perfect lash choice for a fun night out with the girls or even for your next glam photoshoot!

All the things we all know and love, you’ll find with Amor Cluster wispy lashes, Features an eye-opening round lash silhouette that you can customize. Craft your faux lash masterpiece any way you like it with no cutting and primping!

No primping, no cutting. Just instant gorgeous lash action.This cluster mink lash set has already prepared for you!

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