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Lashes Removal And Care—LASHES AMOR

Lashes Removal And Care

Lashes Removal And Care Step 1

Your day is over, or your special event has come to an end, now it’s time to properly remove your lashes so they can live to see another day of beauty.

Step 2

When done wearing the lashes, gently remove them by lifting the band of the lash off of the skin at the inner corner of the eye, then using that bit of base to gently remove the remainder of the lash. Never pull on the lashes to remove, always use the band.


Repeat for the other eye.


Store your lashes in the Lashes Amor storage box that the lashes came in, or to easily store and travel with multiple pairs, place up to 2 pairs in our Lashes storage case. 

Lashes Removal And Care



Store your lashes in the storage box they arrived in to keep them clean, dry and protected from getting harmed. To easily store or travel with multiple pairs, check out our lash storage cases which carefully stores up to 2 pairs of lashes.


If your lashes have buildup on them, DO NOT GET THEM ALWAYS WET, this will ruin them. To clean off any buildup gently brush your lashes with a clean mascara smoothly. You may also carefully remove leftover glue on the band of the lash with tweezers. Our lashes are waterproof. But please better not let your lashes always be wet. You can use a hairdryer to blow-dry.


When properly cared for you Mink Lashes are reusable around 20-30 times

TIP: To increase the longevity and maintain the original style of your Mink Lashes even further, do not apply mascara directly on them. Instead, apply mascara to your natural lashes first, allow it to dry, then apply your Mink Lashes.

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