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Happy Inependence Day!-LASHES AMOR

Happy Independence Day!

Lashes economic business growth. Today is Independence Day. It is a traditional day to celebrate the U.S. full of freedom and liberation. Friends and families across the country will gather for backyard barbecues, parades, and parties in celebration of America’s birthday.

Lashes Amor has been in the eyelash business for more than a decade. The biggest market is the United States. We sincerely congratulate that the American people on Happy Independent Day. There is a whole week of celebrations in July. We believe that our eyelashes representing freedom and hope, sharing your every beautiful moment with this fascinating fireworks event all over the country.

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Disney’s Celebrate America July 4,2018

Under Economic Globalization, Everyone Is Closely Related

Lashes economic business growth. American celebrate interdependence with all human beings on the planet. Economic Globalization is a trend and we both play an important part in that. Lashes Amor follows this trend and offers good lashes that meet the US market needs.

China’s manufacturing industry is in deep related to the United States in all respects. During the last few months of the trade war, it does harm influence on both trading markets. But thanks to our loyal customers, the trade war has a little impact on our lashes business. We believe that our 3D mink lashes are and always be the best in the US market.

Lashes Amor is the best wholesale eyelashes vendor in the world, hoping to bring good lashes to all the beauties in the world. Because of this goal, we have been firmly committed to offer the high quality eyelashes. Unique design,the best raw materials,and 100% handmade craft make our lashes first-class. Our designers will personally participate in the production of eyelashes,instead of just drawing the draft, leave it over the workers. The power of craftsman spirits is most primitive and nothing can be replaced. Nowadays, the globalization of the economy is inseparable from China’s manufacturing crafts in almost every place.

Lashes Business Will Be Bigger And Bigger

The hand-made mink lashes of our workers are available to many beginners in the United States. Every day we receive a lot of inquiries, and most of them are about starting a new eyelash business brand. Up to their demands, We keep providing products and good services to them. Thus the feedback from the customer is also very good. The friendly trade between our two countries has continued. Only in this way can we have to increase employment in both countries. We are always grateful to our customers who are helping our eyelashes wholesale business grow bigger and bigger. Together we put all efforts to make this global lashes industry better and better.

In this festival full of freedom and joy, please wear our beautiful eyelashes and enjoy your carnival.

Happy Dependence Day!Remember, Best Lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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