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Start Your Own Lash Line: Sample Order&Brand Packaging-Lashes Amor

Start Your Own Lash Line: Sample Order&Brand Packaging

Lash sample order package. The most frequent question we received every day is about starting a lash brand. Especially about sample lashes orders, lashes packaging. Lashes Amor, a 3D mink eyelash supplier, works personally with our customers to help them with their lashes branding, as we work for our brand. Let me tell you what Lashes Amor can do for you.

1.Sample Lashes Order

The most important thing about the Sample order is the choice of style and price.

We are really pushing our new line of wholesale 25MM mink eyelashes, because we believe this will be the next big thing in the beauty industry.

We recommend the most popular styles with a combination of 25mm mink lashes and 20mm mink lashes. You can choose 10 mixed styles as a sample.

Click Here To Choose 25 MM Mink Lashes

Click Here To Choose 20MM Mink Lashes

Lash sample order package. And we also recommend choosing products based on your local market and product line. If you have your own customer base, you should order according to the customer’s needs.

We always suggest that customers will order samples for checking the quality. Want to totally feel about it?
You must wear it .

In general, if you order more than 100 pairs of lashes the price will be more cheaper than order lashes sample.

Lash sample order package

2.Lashes Brand Packaging

We have a customized packaging list and you can pick the box style you like. Or you can send the files of your favorite. Our professional designers help you to make it out.

If you don’t have your own brand logo yet, our designers can also help you design your logo.You only need to send the logo original file,if you already have one. Our designers will design the rendering and send them to you for confirmation. It’s all so simple.

I will talk about how to customize packaging in detail in a follow-up article.Pls pay attention to my website.

If your budget is not large, we recommend using a logo sticker and match our sample lash box. Already written this in my previous article. Click here to See.

3. Other services.

This is how it works. You make an inquiry to us that you would like to start your own “lash line” of products. From that point we tell you everything we have to offer you. We provide the mink lashes, lashes packaging,lashes tools,website building, digital marketing and we even ship it for you when your own customers want to order from your store. You do not need to purchase everything we offer, but if we are willing to provide all your services for you, why not?

Not only is the company professional, but we also give you real people to talk to. If there is a problem with an order, or if you need more services on your website, or you want to find out more information on something specific, we will not hesitate to tell you once you contact us.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best lashes vendor.

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