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Is the eyelash industry in decline?

Is the eyelash industry in decline?

Amor Mink Eyelash Vendor found that since November 2021, the sales of 3D Mink Eyelash have begun to decline significantly, and the sales curve of strip eyelashes has changed from a decline to an increase, especially the sales of 3D mink eyelashes have increased significantly! We know that Americans are being tormented by the excessive currency issued during the epidemic, and all kinds of daily necessities and mortgages are operating in a super high price range. More than 80% of the common people live on wage income, but the wage level of the common people has not increased much, the consumption expenditure outside of life has begun to decrease, the consumption of eyelash grafting has decreased, and the strip eyelashes have increased because of the cheap price. This is the current status of eyelash extension industry.

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Have you heard of the lipstick effect?
Have you heard of the “lipstick effect”? This is the theory based on a psychology study that found that women tend to spend their limited resources on things that make them look and feel attractive. It’s not about vanity either. The study shows that when the economy changes, women are “naturally made” to seek out or keep a partner to help them secure financial support. It is based on our evolutionary purpose to reproduce and survive.

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But what does lipstick effect have to do with your 3D Mink Lash business?

During the financial crisis, women were more interested in buying luxury “attraction-enhancing” products such as designer jeans, cosmetics and eyelash extension serum, research has found.
As a result, they forego other indulgences, such as coffee or expensive vacations. The results showed that women sought out products that more effectively enhanced their attractiveness, regardless of cost. I’m not saying this is true of all your clients or all women! This is just an interesting study that sheds positive light on the impact of the recession on our lash industry.

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So how does the lipstick effect manifest itself in the eyelash industry?

However, that’s not to say your clients won’t forego lash extensions during tough economic times. Wealthier women may not forego a luxury lash service just because they can afford it.
Not so affluent female clients are highly price sensitive now, then they are less likely to afford your services in a recession, then strip mink eyelashes with good quality become the best product to replace eyelash extensions, which is also The reason why the price curve of mink eyelashes rises. If you are an eyelash extension artist, then mink eyelashes are the best tool for you to contact your old customers, let customers get beautiful dresses at a lower price, and it is a means of maintaining customers during the economic recession, when the economy picks up , it is natural to spend a high price on eyelash grafting.

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What are the long-term benefits of a recession for the eyelash industry?
The economic recession is a filter. During the economic recession, those businessmen who don’t pay attention to customer experience and only want to make quick money and provide customers with inferior eyelashes will be abandoned by the market, and those who do well will be praised and supported by customers, which is very good continue down.
So the economic recession is a purification process for the eyelash industry. If you are a make up artist, if you are lucky enough to read this blog, you will make better plans for your future, order eyelashes from AMOR eyelash wholesalers, and start to be your own boss The eyelash business guarantees a relatively good income during the economic recession. The key is that you still have a stable customer base during the economic recession! Once the economy recovers, we will have a purer community of eyelash enthusiasts, so whether you do eyelashes or eyelash grafting, it is a good thing!

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