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How To Use Strip Lashes To Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes ?

Amor Lashes Vendor pays special attention to browsing the blogs of female stars, especially the blogs of super internet celebrities with positive energy, to study the 3D Mink Lashes they wear, because they represent fashion and affect the consumption habits of countless people.

Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes

Let’s explore Kim Kardashian’s eyelash style, Kim Kardashian is an American socialite, media personality, and businesswoman who has 3.4 billion fans on instagram. The following is a close-up screenshot from her Instagram, in order to show her eyelashes more clearly , only a part of her photo was taken, which is the part that can show the eyelashes more clearly.

Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes

Kim Kardashian’s eye shape is round eyes, most of the time she wears the style of not very thick Wet Eyelashes, Wet look lashes are created essentially from using lighter lashes to create narrow, pretty much closed fans, which should be applied to individual lashes to achieve the desired effect.

The light, fluttery feel of classic lashes with a spikey, textured volume look, this is a lash trend we’re sure lots of your clients will love. It’s great for a wide eye, exaggerated look.

Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes

The research direction of Amor Lash Vendor is to use strip eyelashes instead of eyelash grafting to achieve the effect of making wet eyelashes, that is, to form sharp eyelash peaks by applying mascara. We have given several eyelashes, as long as you use an eyelash brush and Just a few swipes of mascara to create the effect of wet eyelashes!!!! Is it very profitable to replace eyelash grafting with a few dollars of strip eyelashes for a few dollars?

Do you know the business opportunities here? Then why don’t you hurry up to order and sell such eyelashes to make money? Contact us now to place an order!


Another kind of eyelashes that Kim Kardashian likes is suitable for round eyes. It is a relatively thick style. It gradually lengthens from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye, from sparse to thick. It is very beautiful. It is similar to the style of Amor Lash Vendor internal number 20mm Mink Lashes , which belongs to the material of 3D Mink Eyelashes , many American customers ordered this eyelashes, do you like it?

Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes
Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes
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