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How To Use Natural Mink Lashes For Long-lasting?

Amor eyelash vendor offer natural mink lashes

Amor Lashes Natural Collection offers premium-quality, cruelty-free lashes with a light volume effect.

Natural Mink Lashes

Black band sets the stage for a more defined lash, with distinct clusters of criss-crossed hairs for a cleaner, more modern lash shape.

Why natural mink lashes so comfortable?

Mink lashes are super lightweight and with little curl degree itself, so the natural mink lashes has natural and fluffy looks,mink hairs are the best hairs among all animal hairs, light, soft, flexible, high qulity and comfortable. Mink lashes are the most popular lashes.

Natural Mink Lashes

Does natural mink lashes very expensive?

Not too expensive, Amor Wholesale lash vendor now offers afordable cruelty-free mink lashes, only $4 each pairs natural mink lashes with beautiful Lash Box Packaging.We now get mink hair like wool,the price getting down quickly. The natural mink lashes price little higher only because of the labour costs, because our mink lashes are pure handmade, so they are little higher than the lashes made by other materials.

The natural mink lashes can be sold 6$ retail price on supermarket or drugstore, there are 50% profits. We are sure that $6 is good price for any lady who love natural mink lashes,This is definitely a very affordable price。

A pair of 3d 13mm mink lashes
Natural Mink Lashes

How to take care of natural Mink lashes?

Always handle the false lashes by the band and not the hairs as they are delicate.

After each use, gently remove any excess lash glue using your applicator or fingers.

Store the lashes in a case or back on the original tray to maintain its shape.

If your lashes lose their curl then use a lash curler to reshape them.

To preserve the curl of your lashes we recommend avoid getting them wet or soaking them in water or makeup remover.

How to get $4 price natural mink lashes?

Order bulk over 50 pairs lashes, you can get this very very competitive price, total 200$ they will deliver to your door! If you are not lash vendor, only self use, we recommend that you and a few friends make a group purchase, enjoy this very cheap price, and enjoy the charm of high-quality eyelashes.

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