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How To Start Your Own Lash Business 2023?

2023 is the year of making money. People all over the world want to earn more money and live a better life after the epidemic in 2023. New entrepreneurs who want to make money through eyelash business should carefully read the blog shared by Amor wholesalers, step by step, smoothly start your eyelash business!

1.Start Lash Business 2023, First Find a reliable Wholesale Eyelash Vendor
Amor Lash Vendor recommend you search Eyelash Vendors on Google search, Select one Eyelash Vendors on the top 3 search result pages, and visit their Instagram Ig and Youtube Channel, view their eyelash pictures and videos, to make sure you find the realy reliable eyelash vendor!

2.Download WhatsApp and communicate with Lash Vendors
WhatsApp is the main communication channel, which can send voice massages, letter massages, lash pictures and lash videos, even video chat in a cheap and efficient way, thats great help for you!
3.Choose eyelash styles for your business
Ask for an eyelash catalogs, go throgh the catalog and pick out the lash styles that you want! If you are not so sure of lash styles, you can ask for individual video of certain lash styles, your Eyelash Vendor would like to do this with patient, they wish to hold you via their carefully service!

4.Start Lash Business 2023,Sample order to check the lash quality
If you know what are you doing, you can place bulk order , if not, you’d better ask for sample on your first drop.Shipping is a kind of pricey,so make sure what you’re ordering make sense with shipping, you don’t like to order 2 pairs of lashes or three pairs of lashes and then shipping is 30 or 40 dollars, order a good amount that you feel like okey you can work with the shipping.

5.Start Lash Business 2023,Create an online store on your website
Most lash business online store are created on BigCartel , Shopify, Wix only because of low costs. Now Shopify is more recommended, they have much customized theme, and it is simple and easy to manage.

6.Display your eyelashes pictures
Prepare a ring lihgt, help you take good eyelash picture, upload your pictures to your website, learn more from the graphic designers and take more professional pictures and display your eyelashes pictures in a more pro way, same time price your lashes in a reasonable rate!

7.Start Lash Business 2023,Advertising for your eyelash business
Self advertising, start posting on your Instagram feed, graphic designer help you create contents and create posts, if you advertising in a right way, you can get the result that you want.
Advertising by Instagram offical or pay to the instagram influencer for a shout out are two ways, this depends on yourself, but less costs and get more traffic is the first important!

8.Start Your Own Lash Business,Create your own unique brand
Make sure your brand is unique, do not copy off somebody else’s brand, there are millions of bread brand like you go to bread aisle,
how are you to make yourself stand out amongst the competitions, this is what you should think more and promote!

9.Items necessary for your business
Prepare a laptop and scale to weigh your products , business card, thank you card, these are for the daily work, for website maintain, shipping packaging etc.

10.Fix one reliable Eyelash Vendor
When you find a reliable eyelash vendor, don’t try to change the reputable Eyelash Vendor to another strange one!
Try to ask for good deal or discount if your budgets not enough, ask for cheaper packaging from lash vendors, packaging are extra quotation besides eyelashes costs, when you submit your requirement, they can give you cheap price solutions, believe them!

11.Promoting my lash business every single day
Now tiktok is most creative social media platform, It is also the most inclusive, young audiences can accept any new ideas, and the platform will also promote your new ideas, which will bring you huge traffic, one of our customer, she promote on Tiktok and instagram, and what she did to get sales was post consistantly like mutiple times per day, final she got 6 figure profits the first year.she was making for every restock , and average was making 20 thousands dollars each restock!

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