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How to Start a False Eyelash Business?|Choose lash style idea

It seems very simple to start your eyelash business, order lashes from Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers and sell them out. But do you know what eyelash popular and easy sell out? Amor Eyelash Vendor give you some suggestions help you choose the right lash styles, help you make money in a easy way.

  • Cat Eye Lashes 40% In Your Lash Order

According to the Amor Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers date analysis, 80% of people (both men and women) believe that the cat-eye effect is the sexiest eye makeup.Among all the eyelash categories of Amor Lashes, the number of eyelash pins that can bring cat-eye effect are the top sellers !

  • Light Volume Lashes 30% In Your Lash Order

Short length, light volume lashes are the main lash style in the market, especially wispy style, are the trending direction right now. These kind of lashes has volume effects on the root of eyelash, and has wispy extension on the tip, makes young and glam look.

  • C Curl Russian Volume 30% In Your Lash Order

DD Curl and C curl russian volume lashes is another trending direction, this kind of lashes looks super natural and has great salon lash extension look, most important it is much cheaper, easy to remove when you get tired within one week.

  • Say No to Inferior Cheap Eyelashes

Remember never say no to the inferior cheaper eyelashes, commen sense that the eye is most sensitive part of the skin, the inferior cheap eyelashes be sure will not comfortable when your clients apply the lashes on. You are lucky if the customer do not buy from you again, the bad thing is if your clients claims to you, you will lost money as well. Only high quality can bring you faithful clients.

  • Order lashes from Amor Lashes, the reliable lash vendor.
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