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How To Remove Lash Extension Quick and Clean?

When many make up artists remove eyelashes by traditional removal way , improper operation will burn the eyes of customers.Today, Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor shared a simple way of removing the eyes without burning eyes.

Before starting to remove eyelashes, please prepare a few commonly used tools:
A piece of soft plastic wrap, a pair of small scissors, lash extension romover, round cotton swabs, cut corner cotton swabs, two tweezers.

Put the wet wrap on the eyelids

Cut a section of plastic wrap, wet one side of the plastic wrap with water and paste it on the eyelids. When sticking it, it must be close to the root of the eyelashes, turn the eyelashes up, and let the eyelashes fall on the plastic wrap.

Apply lash extension romover on wrap

First take a little lash extension remover, apply it evenly on the plastic wrap as a primer, apply a little more to the place with many eyelashes, press all the eyelashes onto the eyelid covered with plastic wrap, continue to apply the lash extension remover on the eyelashes, after spreading evenly, put fold the plastic wrap from top to bottom, wrap the lashes in plastic wrap like a sandwich, and flatten to allow the lash remover to reach around the root of the lashes.

Apply lash extension romover on eyelashes

Wait for two minutes, use tweezers to pick along the root of the eyelashes, check the root of the eyelashes, and confirm whether the eyelash glue is completely dissolved.

Well, now it’s time to take the lashes off. Use two tweezers to hold both sides of the sandwich, and pull up gently in the vertical direction to easily remove all of them.

Use a dry cotton swab, starting from the inner side of the eye, and turn it from bottom to top to wipe off the lash extension remover remains on the surface of the eyelashes, then replace two new cotton swabs, align the oblique sections, and wipe off all the eyelashes remover.

Dry Cotton Swap Clean Removers
Dry Cotton Swap Clean Removers

A special reminder, the cotton swabs are used dry all the time, because the hair removal cream will turn white when exposed to water, and it is difficult to clean, remember?OKOK, open your eyes and take a look, this is a simple and clean removal method, don’t praise me, get it up quickly.

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