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How to Make Your Monolid Eyes Bigger?

  • How to Get Bigger Eyes Look for Monolid Eyes?

People with monolid eyes are mainly distributed in Northeast Asia, mainly China, South Korea and Japanese. Girls with monolid eyes have smaller eyes than Westerners, and the natural eyelashes grow in a drooping pattern. These characteristics all negatively affect the beauty of girls. This is the most annoying thing.How to do? False Lashes can make their eyes looks bigger! Amor Lash Vendors provide fluttery lashes with crisscross layers that open up the eye or shorter, less dramatic lashes. Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers Amor Lashes top tip is to always curl the lashes once they’re applied, to give more height to the eyes.

  • Make Up Your Eye Background Before Apply Lashes

Monolid ppl need to do 2 things before apply lashes, First thing is to make shadow area upon eyelid to set off eyelashes, only in this case , the eyelashes can work well, to enhance the eyes and make it look bigger than before. Second thing is to draw bold eyeline, and wing if you like to get cat eye look.

Monolid eye’s natural lashes grows down direction, curler lift the natural lashes before apply lashes, so the natural lashes will well mix strip lashes.

  • What Lash Styles Suit Monolid Eyes?

Monolid eyes natural lashes do not support long lashes, no matter lash extension or strip lashes, short lashes natural style is the major type, wispy style, classic style is the best choice, cat eye look lash styles are popular.

Amor Lash Vendor prepared 2 styles for the monolid eyes, short but natural or wispy look.

  • Monolid Eyes Become Big Eyes Now

View the following picture, check the before and after, the big eyes be sure will get much admire sight than before! Do you want to change your monolid eyes look? start from order eyelashes.

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