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How To Make Eyelashes Soft And Elastic?

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You definitely know that if you want to run your own eyelashes business, you must get high-quality products, so do you know how to make mink eyelashes soft and elastic?

When you buy low quality lashes, their band is hard and thick, do you know how to save it?
Now I know why it’s so stiff, then I know how to make it soft and flexible, but be careful, choose lighter sable lashes, burn the sable lashes with a lighter, make sure you don’t burn the sable lashes, just stay away from it, this will only Make your mink lashes softer and more elastic.

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After you’ve done the above, they’ll become a bit more flexible. Before the heat dissipates, mink lashes can be wrapped around a lash brush or tubular object. Turn it into a circle and you can keep them for a while, which will help the mink lashes become more flexible. It also helps soften the straps without being too thick and piercing your eyes.

But dear ones, it is still recommended that you buy high-quality mink lashes, so that you can avoid the hard and thick mink lash band you get, it will save you a lot of time, and it will continue to win you good repeat customers!

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