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How To Last Your False Eyelashes Using Time?

False eyelashes can be limited reuse, on average, false lashes start to degrade after four or five uses, and with proper care, your false lashes can last up to 20 uses, Amor Lashes Vendor shares some tips to last your false lashes life.

Take Them Off Before Sleep
Make sure to remove your lashes before going to bed, and make sure to keep them in a resealable package, to avoid press the eyelashes when you go to sleep.

Clean Your False Eyelashes Each Week
This is first important, Lash Glue and mascara will greatly damage your false lashes, clean them each 6 wears to keep your false lashes as new.You might be wondering how to properly clean false eyelashes. Well, if you follow our simple step-by-step guide, you can make sure your false eyelashes stay clean and well-maintained. That’s it.

Step 1: Wipe Them
First, you need to wipe the false eyelashes. For this step, you’ll need a cotton ball (or two), a makeup remover, and a small bowl. Pour some makeup remover into a plastic or glass bowl, then soak a cotton ball in the makeup remover. After the cotton ball is fully absorbed, gently apply to the false eyelashes and clean until the makeup residue and eyelash glue are completely removed from the eyelashes.

Step 2: Wipe off eye makeup and glue
When using and reusing false lashes, the glue used during application can build up over time, so it’s important to clean your false lashes before applying them to your real lashes as part of a makeup look. Gently remove the glue until you see a natural lash band, keep your false lashes fresh and save them, repeating the process every time you remove your false lashes.

Step 3: Use another cotton swab dipped in warm water
Take another piece of cotton and dip it in warm water. Then, tap the false lashes to remove any remaining mascara. Removing every bit of buildup and mascara is a really effective way to keep them clean and fresh. Unfortunately, mascara shortens the life of your false lashes, so it’s important to remove every single mascara and avoid putting waterproof mascara on your false lashes, as they can take a lot of effort to remove.

Step 4: Sanitize
After cleaning your false eyelashes, it’s time to disinfect them. You can do this by soaking a cotton ball or pad in rubbing alcohol and dabbing it over the false lashes and strip.

Step 5: Let them dry
After cleaning and disinfecting false eyelashes, it’s time to let them dry. You can reshape your lashes while they’re wet, but after that, it’s important to let them air dry to prevent bacteria or mold from growing on your lashes.

Allow your lashes to air dry completely before reapplying, and avoid artificial drying products like a blow dryer – after all, you don’t want to apply dry, straw-like lashes to your makeup!

Store Your Eyelashes In a Proper Way?
In order for your cleaned false eyelashes to last longer, preservation is key. For proper storage, preservation, and maintenance of your false eyelashes, you can store them in the packaging they came in, as long as they can be sealed. Alternatively, you can use a resealable bag or container to store your false eyelashes.

Once the lashes start to lose quality, it’s time to throw them away. But if you follow this guide, clean your false eyelashes regularly and the right way, and take extra care, they should last and look their best as long as possible.

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