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How to Get the Perfect Cat Eye With Eyelashes?

Cat Eyelashes Are The Best Sellers

According to the Amor Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers date analysis, 80% of people (both men and women) believe that the cat-eye effect is the sexiest eye makeup.Among all the eyelash categories of Amor Lashes, the number of eyelash pins that can bring cat-eye effect are the top sellers ! Amor Lashes vendors list four types of eyelashes. The degree of curvature, volume and width of these eyelashes have their own characteristics, but they will all make a good cat-eye effect. Which one do you like? Please leave a message under the blog.

Cat eyes makes your eye width than usual, so you should make a wing on the out corner of your eye, and draw an eyeline, that will make your top eyelash even and your eyes looks width, view another blog “How Do You Make Cat Eyes Look With Eyelashes?”, this blog we introdcue eyelashes mainly!

Amor Lash Vendors

Four Cat Eye Eyelashes And Self Make Up Picture

Following 4 Lash styles are typical cat eye eyelashes, the pictures show to you only with light make up can apply lashes, these lashes are very easy to apply on, suitable for daily use.

  • L Curl cat eye lashes

This lashes suitable for ppl who tired of heavy make up and like natural lashes, it is simple to apply, and no request to the makeup basis.

Amor Lash Vendors
  • C curl wispy cat eye lashes

This wispy lashes get fluffy lash look, is the most popular right now!

Amor Lash Vendors
  • Russian Volume C curl cat eye lashes

This lash style suitable for the ppl who like Russian volume lashes, this is only Curl.

Amor Lash Vendors
  • half lashes C Curl cat eye lash style

This half lashes need Eyeline and Wing on the out corner of the eyes, they are only less width as usual lashes, so they need help of basic make up! Very popular lash style!

Amor Lash Vendors
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