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How To Diy Wet Looking Lashes By Cluster Lashes?

Kim Kardashian’s daily Wet Lashes bring a new dynamic to the trend of lashes, a new trend in the lash industry. This kind of eyelashes can only get the best effect by doing eyelash extensions. Can we find other methods that are both budget-friendly and time-saving?

Diy Wet Looking Lashes By Cluster Lashes

The latest research from Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor shows that we can use Cluster Lashes instead of eyelash extension to achieve the effect of making wet eyelashes, that is, by applying the sharp eyelash peaks of the clustered eyelashes by yourself, as long as you use a mascara brush for a few swipes of mascara. Creates the effect of wet lashes! ! ! ! Is it very profitable to use a few dollars of Cluster Eyelashes in a few minutes instead of hundreds of dollars in two hours?

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Diy Wet Looking Lashes By Cluster Lashes

Alright, now we need a display board of Cluster Eyelashes, which are available purchase at very low wholesale prices from Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor, a tweezer and glue, and we start applying the lashes.

To apply a Cluster Eyelashes from the middle of the eye, the peaks of the eyelashes are spaced, not densely packed together. After measuring the distance in the middle, you can place the second eyelashes in the direction of the out corner of the eye, and then the third eyelash in the inner corner of the eye. Note that there is some space left at the inner corners of the eyes, and the peaks of the lashes at the inner corners of the eyes are shorter.

Diy Wet Looking Lashes By Cluster Lashes

Okay, that’s it, it’s easy, isn’t it? Is it low budget? Will such a product be popular and profitable?
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Diy Wet Looking Lashes By Cluster Lashes
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