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How To Apply Sandwich Magnetic Eyelashes?

Sandwich Magnetic Eyelashes are a great choice if you have sensitive eyes, wear contacts, or have eyes that are otherwise easily irritated when using lash glue for falsies. They arejust like sandwich, 2 pcs magnetic lashes on the up and down, Clip the natural lashes in the middle,easy on and off!! Amor Eyelash Vendors updated few styles natural magnetic lashes,Unlike glue-on lash strips and lash extensions, they won’t cause burning, swelling, or potential loss of natural lashes.

So if you want the look of long lashes without damaging your natural hairs, look no further than magnetic lashes to add some major drama to your lash line.

If you’re using an applicator to apply your Sandwich Magnetic Lashes, gently pick up the eyelash strip by the inner or outer corner of the lash and position it on the eye before placing it down. Secure the lash by using the tip of the lash applicator to hold down onto the lash line for a few seconds.

The two pieces of magnetic eyelashes are distinguished, the larger one is the upper eyelashes, and the smaller one is the lower eyelashes, so it must be clearly distinguished when installing the tweezers.

If you’re going to use your fingers and you’re using magnetic eyeliner, position your fingers at the center of the eyelash strip. “Start from the inner corner of your eyes to magnetize the lash, and then work your way down to the outer corners,” says McFerran. Worried that your placement won’t be perfect? One of the best things about using Sandwich Magnetic Lashes is that they’re so easy to readjust on the upper lash line. Unlike a traditional eyelash strip or individual false lashes, magnetic lashes lift easily from your skin for mess-free adjustments that don’t require reapplication of glue.

After installing the Sandwich Magnetic Lashes, pay attention to looking in the mirror again to see if the eyelashes on the left and right eyes are symmetrical. If they are asymmetrical, reinstall them

For the inner eyelashes without magnetic eyelashes, brush some mascara to make the whole eyelashes look more symmetrical and natural

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