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How To Apply Half Lashes?

Half lashes are easy to apply than the full length false eyelashes, no more trim, it can directly apply on from the middle of eyelids.Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor shares how to apply Half Lashes step-by-step instructions:

Tools Prepare:A pair of Lash Tweezers, a pair of half lashes, a piece of lash adhesive, a mirror, a lash curler, mascara.

Step by step applying half lashes:

  • Start by applying mascara to your natural lashes to give them some extra volume and length.This will give the half lashes a very good support and you can blend the half lashes and natural lashes when the half lashes apply on!
Half Lashes HF01
  • Using a pair of Lash Tweezers, carefully remove the half lashes from their Lash Packaging Box.
Half Lashes HF02
  • Apply a small amount of Lash Adhesive to the band of the half lashes and wait a few seconds for the glue to become tacky.Remember to get the lash glue become tacky before apply the lashes, if ealier apply, the lashes can not apply on firmly;if later the time, the lash glue get dry, the half lashes can not apply on the eyelids.
Half Lashes HF03
  • Using the tweezers, gently place the half lashes along the outer half of your lash line, making sure to press the band firmly against your natural lashes.
Half Lashes HF04
  • Hold the lashes in place for a few seconds to allow the adhesive to fully dry and set.
Half Lashes HF05
  • Once the lashes are securely in place, use a Lash Curler to blend your natural lashes with the half lashes, so it will be seamless looking.That’s very important, when your lashes applied on seamless, you are expert now.
Half Lashes HF06
  • Finally, apply another coat of mascara to your lashes to further blend them together and create a seamless look.

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor has begun producing and selling Half Lashes and Cluster Lashes(do not talk on this episode) that can be glued to the lash line wherever the wearer needs an extra lash boost. Usually, half lashes are applied to the outer corners of the eye for an elegant your-eyelashes-but-better look.

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