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How to Apply Cluster Lashes?

Cluster Lashes are a favorite for brides and those who want to avoid looking like they are wearing obvious false lashes.It seems tricky and time-consuming to Apply Cluster Lashes, but can actually be easier to apply for those who can’t seem to get strip lashes to work. Plus, they are the ultimate lash “cheat”, by helping to bulk up your natural lash volume while being pretty much undetectable to those around you!

Amor Eyelash Vendor provide a Cluster Mink Lash Kits with professional tools and shares a completely procedure shows how to apply cluster lashes for you, view throughly, you can find it really very easy.

Cluster Mink Lash Kits

The Procedure:

1.You can apply clusters BEFORE or AFTER makeup, unlike strip lashes. Applying them after makeup will allow you to reuse them more often, but the lash clusters will usually not look as “natural” as when applied before eye makeup.

Apply Cluster Lashes Step 1

2.Take the cluster lashes from the eyelash board with the knots facing you (exactly in the direction shown below) and dot some glue onto the TOPS of the ends.
MAKE SURE YOU LET THE GLUE DRY FOR 45-60 SECONDS! If you see the glue on one starting to go a bit grey, that’s the time to start applying them. Applying before the glue is tacky will make this sooo much harder.

Apply Cluster Lashes Step 2

3. Curl your lashes and apply mascara if you’re doing your makeup before. If you curl them after you apply clusters, you may bend or pull them out of place.

4.With a pair of tweezers, pick up the lash clusters by the tips and then apply them one by one from the center of your eye outwards. And here’s the big tip. GO UNDER YOUR LASHES, AND APPLY THEM ON THE TIDE-LINE, right where your lash roots meet your skin. Then use your tweezers to push them firmly upwards so they curve and meld into your natural lashes.

Apply Cluster Lashes Step 2

5.If you want fluttery, wispy lashes that look natural, space each cluster such that the outer tips of the clusters just touch each other. Imagine each cluster as a “V”. You want to make sure the points of the V’s touch each other. For a fuller, more dramatic look, let them overlap more.

Apply Cluster Lashes Step 3

6.I applied black mascara just to finish the look and show you how the clusters aren’t even really visible unless someone is staring hard and searching for them 3 inches away from your face. Results would be better

7.The clear lash glue can last one day for daily use, and black glue last 15 days, this help you apply long lasting cluster lashes.

8.Up cluster board there are natural cluster lash styles, lower cluster board are for fluffy cluster styles. All cluster lashes are Mink Lashes, they are super high-quality, comfortable as your own lashes!

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