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How Quickly Remove Lashes When Refill Lash Extensions

Amor Wholesale Eyelashes Vendor well understand that lash extension are the basis of Strip Lashes, most fashion lash styles are come out from Lash extension, and then appears on strip lashes list. Strip Lashes make it convinent, cheaper and various. Order 3D Mink Lashes and start your lash business right now, it can help you make lots of money!!

When you can simply remove the long eyelashes, then refill the eyelashes is not a very troublesome thing. refill the eyelashes is troublesome only because it is more laborious to remove the long eyelashes. So is there any better and easier way? ? Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor will share with you a simple technique today to help you get rid of long and tall eyelashes faster.

Remove Lashes When Refill Lash Extensions

Please prepare the required tools:
Anti-allergic tape, tweezers, mousse stick, eyelash remover

Take a piece of breathable anti-allergic adhesive tape, cut it in half from the middle, and then put one half on top of the other half, and stick the adhesive side on the eyelid near the root of the eyelashes.

Find out the eyelashes that grow longer, find out all the lash extensions you want to remove, press the tip of the eyelashes with tweezers and stick them on the tape, and use the stickiness of the tape to fix the eyelashes easily.

Remove Lashes When Refill Lash Extensions

I usually use single-strand remover gel to remove eyelashes. The removal speed is fast, easy to clean, and it will not turn white , take a small amount of gel and apply evenly on the grafted part of the false eyelashes, wait 20 seconds for the eyelashes to remove the gel to decompose the eyelash glue, and then after ten seconds, gently tear off the tape from the outer corner of the eye, and the false eyelashes are glued together It was taken.

Remove Lashes When Refill Lash Extensions

Use a dry mousse stick to clean the eyelashes where the eyelashes were removed, so that the residual gel can be cleared more cleanly, and then the repair and grafting can be carried out.

Remove Lashes When Refill Lash Extensions

Note: Do not use tweezers to remove the eyelashes directly. It is easy to damage the eyelashes. Even if the eyelashes are removed, there will be glue residue. Use the same method to pinch a little glue in, it will be dissolved quickly, and it can be removed in a few seconds. Like this A kind of stubborn glue drop remover gel can also be easily removed. After finishing, remember to clean it with a dry cotton swab. This is a must-have remover gel for eyelash artists. Get started quickly, not for eyelashes.

Remove Lashes When Refill Lash Extensions
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