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How Salon Owners Sell Full Lashes?

Segment Customer Types According To Demands

Amor Lash Vendor has lots of Extension Salon Customers, they not only order individual lashes, they order full lashes as well, their customers offen take a pair of full Lashes when they finished lash extension.How to do this kind of full lash business? Amor Lash Vendor give you a very good idea, that is to segment the customers to different types, then take different approach to let them feel they have get the lashes they want, and buy the full lashes haippily with thanks!

Lash business is not only place the Eyelashes in a visible place, on display. You should do a lot of work to close sales, clarify the different type clients and know what they exactly want, and satify their demand is the best selling Stragegies besides your make up extension business!

And this is a tip for sales in general, not just selling false lashes: your pitch or approach needs to change based on the customer profile because each type of customer will have different motivations and needs.

Read on for a rundown of the various personalities who may be eyeballing the false lash display and how to tailor your approach!

The Everyday Girl & Market Approach

False eyelashes are the choice for anyone who isn’t comfortable with eyelash extensions, but who still desires that glamorous curl.

Your approach: This customer type might make up 50 percent of the customers who check out the display. These are the customers who come to your salon for amani, pedi, or a facial, and who go to a salon as a once-in-a-while treat. These girls are interested in products that allow them to stay cost-conscious and bring products home to self-apply. Emphasize the do-it-at-home aspect.

The Working Professional & Market Approach

Ladies who work a 9 to 5 job (or similar) that requires them to pay attention to their appearance, or who simply like to have the boost that wearing false lashes provides.

Your approach: Point out which falsies provide the wearer with the most natural look. Discuss your favourite false lashes that provide a subtle, classic, elegant note.

The Ballerina Star & Market Approach

Being up on stage as a dancer of any kind, whether ballet, contemporary, or Broadway, requires pronounced featuresso that the face doesn’t get washed out under the bright lights or becomes hard to view from the back seats of a theatre.

Your approach: These girls are easy to spot and wearing makeup is parcelled up in their careers, so talking shop is a breeze. It’s okay to go into detail.Hand out any product information you have on hand because if they like you, they’ll pass along the promotional material to the whole troupe!

The Bridal Party & Market Approach

Wedding photos last forever. So eye drama needs to be volumized for the effects to show through in photographs. The bridal party will be on the hunt for ways to amp up the sparkle of the day.

Your approach: Show wedding day pictures of happy customers who used your services for their big day. Point out the type of false eyelash each is wearing. Seeing how false lashes come across in photographs will be key here.

The Dancing Queen & Market Approach

This category is for those who wish to dramatically change their look through the use of falsies. And it’s a testament to the power that false eyelashes have that they can do this for their wearers.

Your approach: Show off your maximum impact eyelash selection. The product will sell itself.

ll sell itself.

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