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How Do Makeup Artists Sell False Eyelashes?

The Makeup Artist (MUA) is the person most likely to create a successful False Eyelash brand and become the lash line boss! They have professional knowledge of eyelashes and basic service experience for eyelash customers. If they have worked in this industry for more than 3 years, they will have a source of customers! That’s all the advantages of being the owner of a branded eyelash business. Amor Eyelash Vendor shares why MUA should start a false eyelashes business.

False eyelashes are a supplement to eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions are the main form of eyelash makeup. More women like to do traditional grafted eyelashes, because each perfect grafted eyelashes can last for about 6 weeks, and during these six weeks, there is no need to apply eye makeup every day to beautify themselves, which is simple and worry-free. While strip false eyelashes are a supplement to grafted eyelashes, strip false eyelashes are temporary and can be easily installed and removed. It is glued to the eyelids to allow your own eyelashes to adjust and rest, unlike grafted eyelashes that require professional application and maintenance, so false eyelashes are now widely used and now form a very large industry market!

MUA can make more money selling false eyelashes than doing eyelash extensions
The sale of eyelash extensions is a service, which is limited by time and ability. For example, if you do eyelash extensions every 2 hours, then you can do up to 6 perfect extensions a day; but the sales of false eyelashes are unlimited, especially online sales, which sell 1,000 yuan a day. It is possible to do eyelashes alone, and you can make more money by selling eyelashes well.

MUA can keep up with the fashion of eyelashes
Eyelash extension is the basis of Strip Lashes. Most fashion eyelash styles come from Lash extension and then appear in the Strip Lashes list. MUA knows exactly what eyelash styles are popular now, so when she purchases false eyelashes, Will purchase fashionable and popular styles, eyelashes inventory will not be backlogged, sales will be fast, and it is easy to get positive feedback from customers and increase the traffic of your website.

MUA has the ability to provide technical guidance to customers
MUAs are experts in eyelashes makeup field, they have a wealth of experience to guide the customers, these are basic activities that must be do to get loyal customers!

A guide to eyelash selection
According to the different eye shapes of customers, assist customers to choose suitable eyelashes; according to the makeup effect that customers want to achieve, recommend suitable false eyelashes to customers
Guidelines for Wearing Eyelashes
MUA can give customers the correct technical guidance when sticking eyelashes, allowing customers to stick eyelashes in the shortest time, and instruct customers how to remove eyelashes without harming the skin.
Instructions for keeping and cleaning eyelashes
MUA can give the most scientific guidance on how to clean the eyelashes and how to place the eyelashes in order to make the eyelashes last the longest

MUA can maintain effective communication with customers
Answers to after-sales customer questions
MUA usually communicates frequently with eyelash grafting customers, so he knows what customers want to know, or has any questions, and can communicate with customers in the most effective way, share experience, and put forward the most perfect suggestions and positive praise for customers’ makeup videos. Is the best way to increase customer trust.
Release of the latest fashion styles
For the change of the current fashion direction, MUA can be aware of it at the first time, and update her eyelash styles. This information is instructive to her customers and can continue to obtain customer orders.

If you are a Mua, get start sell false lashes right now, to make more money. Contact with Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor, place order!

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