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How Cluster Mink Lashes Make Seamless Lash Extension?

Why i like this Cluster Mink Lashes extention?

Cluster Lashes Mink Lashes

I know that sounds a little dramatic, but I’m not kid you.
i know I just recently uploaded an eyelash extension routine update but hear me out after learning this eyelash trike, I will no longer ever need to do eyelash extensions on myself like the professional kind because To Be honest although they last long time but i just hate the feeling of them on my eyes and when sleep with them like they get into my eyes,I wake up with the lash extension in my eyes and I have To Brush them outand, and it’s a painIf it’s a windy day outside they will like go over the place and then I have to constantly brushsh them out. if you are an avid user of lash extensions, you know what I mean .Sometimes I’d be driving and I don’t know where like one of my lash extensions flipped over and it’s into my eye, and i am like teaing up I can’t see and I’m driving, its dangerous!!

Colorful Cluster Mink Lashes

OK so here me out you will never need to wear lash extensions again after you learn this trip that i am about to share you guys and the best part about this anyone could do it,they don’t last as long they do last up to a week however they’re so easy put on they are so easy to take off and the lashes are reusable, you can just wash them put on again and o my gosh iam obsessed. Lets dive into it and try these Cluster Mink Lashes which i buy from Wholesale Eyelash Vendor, the Amor Lashes.

How the Cluster Mink Lashes extension works?
These are the lashs i’ll be using, they little clusters there is so many options for your choice, of course i will leave them in my description box below, these ones are personly my favorite because there really soft they look like real lashes, they are not too wispy or too thick or too fake lookinging and i am gona showy you guys how freaking quick and easy they are to put on. Whenever I do last extension on myself it takes me two hours however this takes me less than in ten minutes, no cap so I have all my lash clusters laid out, I’am gona start off with the bond, this is the lash if i bond. I like this one just because it’s a little stronger, it lasts a lot longer and it really not that expensive, it’s like 25 bucks and this will last you a really long time compare to like a lash extension glue that I buy like sixty eight dollars way cheaper and better in my opinion but if you wana to go the drugstore route and buy something even more affordable, you can find this just about any local drugstore and alot times they do come to in pack with clusters already。

How to Apply the Cluster Mink Lashes extension?
I’m going to apply on my lashes just like I would any mascara, sure you coat every single natural lash, see how I just do it in the out corner first, i am gona do in the inner corner yet, then I take one of these clusters, pull on my eyelid up, let the end of clusters stick on. and then pinch it with the tweezers, you don’t have to pinch much right now, we’ll do that at the end you don’t need special tweezers for this I do have the lashfy one, but I use my regular all the time too, so this doesn’t really a matter what you use as long as you have a tweezer, i am gona to a pick up another cluster, pull up the lid and apply. Now i am going to apply more bond in the inner corner of my lashes and repeat apply another cluster, till full the corner. You want to make sure you get it as closer to the lash line as possible but not touch the skin.
so that looks perfect and the last one, this is a kind of smaller one,it is gona in the inner corner, and now once you got them all on, you are gona go in with your tweezers and bond them all together.

Coat Every Single Natural Lash
let The End Of Clusters Stick On Natural Lashes
let The End Of Second Clusters Stick On Natural Lashes

How to press Cluster Mink Lashes bond the Natural lashes together?
now you can definitely leave it like this they do last up to a week, just like this but did also get the seal from lashify just to see if it does anything difference that i did notice the lash staying a little better when i do use the seal on top , so i am gona put a little bit of this and then mostly the top of the lashes, i love that, this has a little round thing, just like a pearl, it could apply the bond that strengthen and seal natural lashes with the extensions and keep them I place at all times.
so after I apply the seal I’m gonna go in with tweezer again Bond them together。

With Teezer Bond Them Together

Diy seamless Cluster Mink Lashes extension super cool!

This took no more time all now the best part of they are not like the lash strips or the megnatic lashes, where whenever you looking down, you could clearly see there’s something there like a lash band
But no nono, this eyelash make up not with these band! when I’m looking down, look, nothing so seamless and that’s why i love them so much because you can’t really tell that there they are fake lashes, it is looks like you got eyelashes extention done at a solan.
When I wore them the first time to a wedding everyone was give me compliment and everyone was ask me where i got them done, and literally everyone thought that they’re legit lash extension,little did they know i do it myself in less than 10 minutes, they will last you a week ,I think the longest i worn them for would be two weeks .
But there’so easy to take off and put back on that I recommend wear them on just for a week and then take them off wash them and pop them back on. Of course, you need to equip with lash remover, you you could we use twenty times more if do right !

Seamless Cluster Lashes
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