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How Challenge On 5 Minute Eyevery Day Lash Routine?

5 minutes everyday lash routine is a perfect time control makeup.when you mastered this, congratulations, you can get at least more 20 minutes early morning sleep! In order to mastered this, Amor Eyelash Vendor shares this blog, Lyk how challenge on 4 minutes everyday lash routine step by step. This is a cluster lashtes apply routine, which is more difficult than strip lashes, also these cluster lashes lasts up to seven days.

Curl your lashes:

Use an eyelash curler to give your lashes a natural lift and open up your eyes.

Eyevery Day Lash Routine Cluster lashes

Apply lash bond

I start up by applying the lash bond to my natural lashes and here I’m using the Clg2 Cluster lash glue. This lash glue are customized for cluster lashes, ensure they will last 7 days. This lash glue are stronger than common strip lash glue.

Eyevery Day Lash Routine Apply lash bond

Apply cluster lashes

Here i choose 4 part cluster lashes to finish eyelash make up, i apply longer cluster lashes on the out corner of my eye, shorter clusters on the other part of my eyes.
These lashes have three links in each set and I used two long two medium and one short cluster. I like combinate ,this makes my eye looks flexible.
So a common question I get asked is if you feel the lashes when they’re on your eye, and the honest answer is no.Our lash man is super thin and it’s made To Be very comfortable

Eyevery Day Lash Routine apply cluster lashes

Seal the lashes

Here I’m applying the lash seal, lets the cluster lashes well blende with natural lashes, which ensures that the lashes are gonna stay on for up to seven days

Where to buy the cluster lashes?

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Venor supplies many styles of this cluster lashes, different curl, different length, and different layers mix, they are going to sell to customers on Amazon shop.Bulk order, go to their lash webiste go get wholesale lash price.

This lash routine took me five minutes and it’s so affordable and perfect for your work week or any vacation.I am sure when i apply strip lashes, it will be much easy and less time.

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