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How To DIY Pro Lash Extension At Home?

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home

Whether you prefer a subtle to full glam look, our pure Pro Eyelashes and provide the finishing touch to your look, each lash style is hand make with delicate 3D Mink Lashes to help enhance the volume length and curl of your natural lashes. the thin band makes it easy to apply and comfortable to wear next to your natural lash line

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor newly Launched Pro Eyelashes Kits for you to enjoy doing lash extension at home. This is an amazing thing, only few dollar, you can get enough Lash Accessaries, if you are a pro, you can Diy your eyelashes outstanding overalll; if you are a new starter, no matter, we have enough videos show you how to apply the lashes yourself, then you will be a professional one.

How To DIY Pro Lash Extension At Home

Our Pro Eyelashes have enougth lash accessaries for you to apply lashes or pratice to apply lashes, including 3 month use lash fans, lash glue, lash tweezers, and lash remover. Our Pro Eyelashes super easy to apply and last up to 10 days.

Pro Lash Starter Kit

The starter kit contains all the essentials you need to apply and remove your lashes in minutes.

We love lashes! But we wanted something that seemed impossible. Professional quality lashes without the hassle. These beautiful lashes can be applied in minutes & last for up to 10 days! Now your professional looks are in your own hands!

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home

How do I apply the lashes?
Cleanse your lashes, apply the adhesive like mascara, place the lashes, then crimp. We have a whole How-to section on our website and some amazing videos on social media. Take a look around at what others recommend as well! Our community is always happy to help out and show you how its done! Pretty soon you will be the Pro and showing others

How To DIY Pro Lash Extension At Home

How does Pro Lash work?
Pro Lash uses the latest technology in lashes to give you long lasting, amazing looking lashes that are easy to apply at home.One part comes pre-applied to your lashes, and you apply the other just like you would a mascara.

How long do they last?
Your lashes will last up to 10 days. The first set you do may not quite last 10 days depending on your skill level, but most people are seeing 7-14 days routinely. That’s enought long time, right?

What if a section falls out early?
No worries! Just re-apply adhesive to the extensions and your own natural lashes. Place them back on and move on with your day!

Are they difficult to apply?
Most people find them easy to apply, even for the first time! This completely depends on you. The first set is a learning set. The second set you will know how to apply better and make them look even more amazing. By the third set, most people are Pro! If you have any questions or need extra help, please book a private session with one of our Professionals to help you!

How many sets come in a box?
There are 3 sets of lashes in each box. This is about a month’s supply.

Do they harm your natural lashes?
No. Our adhesive technology allows your natural lashes to move and grow at their own pace. This is the amazing technology that allows us to hold on for 10 days while maintaining healthy lashes!

Do you have to wear mascara with them?
No,on the other hand, Most mascaras would hinder the adhesive and make your lashes fall off early. You’d better don’t use mascara when you wear these luscious lashes!

Does it hurt to take them off?
Not at all! Our Remover is amazing at its job. It melts away the adhesive and the lashes will stuff off. If you experience any pain or discomfort, add more remover and give it a few seconds to work its magic!

How To Remove Pro Lash Extension At Home

Are they customizable?
Yes! if you want to promote this Pro Lash to make money, we can custom this kits to your own brand, this is a great and profitable eyelash business, because it has many many girls want to Diy Lash Extensions at home without to the school, there is a huge lash markets. Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor always support the ladies in USA start their lash business!!

Are they high quality?
Yes. As the leaders in professional eyelashes, we know what makes quality lashes. We made sure to bring the same quality and level of performance to you with Pro Lash.

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