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What are high-end mink eyelashes?

What are high-end mink eyelashes?

High-end mink lashes are eyelashes made for high-pursuing consumers. Lashes Amor believes that high-pursing consumers have strict requirements on themselves. Have strict requirements on their careers, have strict requirements on life. And they have higher requirements for details. Requirements. This is how high-end eyelashes came into being. . . .

High-end eyelashes require strict every process, and good eyelashes should first use good materials. In order to ensure natural eyelashes. We study that each hair of human eyelashes is thin, and only tail mink hairs under two years old meet the requirements.

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Our professional steps

We found that human eyelashes are cylindrical and have hair peaks. We asked the workers to choose straight mink hairs from mink hairs that are naturally shed one by one.
However, the selected mink hair is not suitable for direct eyelashes. We have developed a unique process formula based on the characteristics of mink hair to cut, dye. And remove the scales of these selected high-quality hairs to prepare for the subsequent eyelash setting.

Designers must have high-end ideas, keep following up with fashion and makeup trends. According to different periods, different people’s thoughts. And different requirements for beauty, natural, conservative, open, and bold. . . . Study their eye shape, skin color, and other audience groups. And design style drawings for different groups of people through the golden ratio to better and more accurately highlight the characteristics of each person.

Our workers must be carefully selected. They must be patient and have a sense of beauty. Our workers must be trained for at least half a year. Understand the company culture and understand our pursuit of beauty. And then train the workers to use tweezers to select them one by one. Put the hair in the right place according to the drawings, and put it into the prototype of eyelashes according to the designer’s idea. And the number of hairs on the left and right eyes is the same. Ensuring that the left and right eyes are symmetrical.

Fomulation of Strip lashes

The formed eyelashes should be glued with silicone that is suitable for the human body and environmental protection. Workers must have extremely high patience and require extremely high ambient temperature. So that the eyeliner of less than 2mm can be glued firmly, without overflow. And ensure that the eyeliner is soft and comfortable, perfect. Then cut off the excess mink hair.

The most critical styling is made with different warpages according to different styles. Our research and development team will use different formulas to shape the eyelashes according to the thickness of the eyelashes. Make sure that every pair of eyelashes is natural and perfect.

model are wearing High-end mink lashes

The source of 3D High-end mink lashes

The heat and cold treatment methods and the unique formula make the product present a layered, dry and orderly messy beauty (called 3D mink eyelashes).

In order to eliminate the messy hair. The workers carry out an enlarged quality inspection and reject the unqualified products.

Our designers and customers discuss the design and production of exquisite packaging. The worker carefully put the eyelashes into the package and a perfect pair of eyelashes was born.

The smaller the things, the more patience is required, and the more detailed things can show a person’s taste.

When you choose Lashes Amor, you choose a high-grade life. . . .

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