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Get The Merriest Look With Pro-Lash Extensions!

What Is Pro Lash Extension?

Pro-Lash Extensions is a fan-shaped diy eyelashes, promoted by Pro Lash. Now everyone get used to this name to say this type of eyelashes. The Pre Lash by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor are made from mink lash fur,acts like a Eyelash fans, only a few pairs can make your eyes look bigger and lengthen your natural lashes. The advantage of Pre Lash is very obvious. In the process of doing eyelash make up by yourself, you can change it to make an appearance that suits your own eye shape and preferences.

Pro Lash Luxury Kits

The Lash Fans sold by Pre Lash are very high-end in design, and are used by high-end women with mature skills, while Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor has developed a very low-priced novice suit, which is equipped with all the accessories for practice. One set is enough to Make you an expert! The mink eyelash fan inside is mainly natural, and it is easier when you paste it! These novice groups have more consumers and a bigger market!

Pro Lash Affordable Starter Kits

Diy Simple Lash Extensions At Home

Who doesn’t want to look their best during the holidays? To impress everyone with the most dazzling look you can muster, turn to Pro Lash extensions provided by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor this spring season. This is sure to make you feel like you can accomplish any feat and make you shine through all the whole spring ahead.

So whether you’re aiming for glitz and glam, or want a subtle and sophisticated look, Diy Mink Lash Extensions from Pro Lash a critical part of your spring season plan.

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home

Eyes Speak The Beauty Without Language

Beauty begins at the eye, as they have the power to draw all the attention. Bright and beautiful eyes, perfectly-managed brows, and accentuated eyelashes are a surefire way to make you look younger, and stand out from the crowd.

Perfectly curled eyelash extensions will enhance the brightness of your eyes without having to use any mascara or a curler. Your dazzling eyelashes will give you the dramatic and show-stopping look that you deserve, giving you a renewed sense of confidence that will add to your personality.

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home

Completely Convenient

What better way than eyelash extensions to simplify your make-up routine? The best part about the beauty treatment is that you will be photo-ready at all times!

Pro Lash Starter Kits Line

No one will would like to posing in front of a mirror for hours doing your make-up. Spring is the season of simplicity, the season of youth, so simple self-makeup is the best way. This Pro Eyelash Extension Kits is absolutely what you want!

Eyelash extensions are the way to go for beauty aficionados as it cuts down on your total beauty regime by doing away with the need for extra eye-elevating items like mascara, falsies, curlers, and eyeliner.

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home

Less Luggage

When you are donning celebrity-worthy, picture-perfect eyelashes, your daily makeup routine might be as effortless as a quick concealer touch-up and a dash of your favorite lip color. This Pro Eyelash Kits have all lash acceessory together, and they will be throw away when the lash fans using up. So simple way, love this way.

Pro Lash Starter Kits Line

Endless Diy Lash Extension Option

Our designer Vicky has practised many lash extension styles, we have posted it on our official instagram ID, you can try any styles as you like from hundreds of styles.When you are an experts, you can do any thing to make money depends upon this skill.

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home Instagram Video Tutorial

Controled 7 Days Lasting

This kind of eyelashes is not the same as salon eyelash grafting, it is not directly grafted to the root of the eyelashes, so we designed the use period for him to be 7 days, and after 7 days, you need to remove these eyelash fans with hair remover, so that your natural Rest the eyelashes for a few days, and then you can graft a new eyelash style on your own, as you like, 7 days a cycle, is it more flexible than one eyelash style a month?

Pro Lash Starter Kits Line

Customized For Personal Brand Available

When you are a real pro and try to make money upon this way, no problem, Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor support any girl doing this business! We can help you Custom your own brand Kits.You can contact our sales girls via WhatApp Buttom discuss the details!
Usa is a great eyelash market, and this Pro Lash Extension Kits belongs to FMCG(fast moving consumer goods),it has so many opptunity to make money! lets create this market into a larger scale.

Custom Pro Lash Starter Kits

Additional Tips From Our Lash Experts

1 day lash glue are used for pratice applying lash extensions before you are a real professional Diy Lash artist. 7 day lash glue are used for lash extensions.
The back of your hand, your fingers are the best places to practice applying eyelashes.
Remove the lash extensions before the end of the 7th day,to avoid the lashes fall off at public ocassions.

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home
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