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How To Get The Lowest Price From Wholesale Eyelash Vendor In the Promotiona Activities ?

Now 80% of the 3D Mink Lashes in the United States are produced in China. If you want to get a lower quotation, you must know when the Chinese Wholesale Eyelash Vendor will release promotional activities. Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor as the Chinese Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers, share a few key dates. If you remember these key dates, and communicate with your Eyelash Vendor in time, you can get the orders you need at unimaginable prices, and then you can get higher industry profits.

Get The Lowest Price From Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

The first time point is early February, when Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers will carry out spring promotions, because at the end of February, American families will receive a tax refund for the previous year, and housewives will have sufficient cash in their hands, with sufficient purchasing power and desire to purchase . Launch discount promotions this time , it is the easiest to get orders. The spring discount activity is a discount offered by Chinese suppliers to compete for orders. The discount price will not be too big, 15% lower than the daily quotation!

Get The Lowest Price From Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

The second time point is mid-June. There is a half-year shopping season in China online business. If customers pay the shopping cart on June 18, they will get a good price discount. Chinese Eyelash Vendor like to enlarge this purchase season to the world. A discount package will also be released in the middle of the month, all eyelash varieties will enjoy this discount, including Mink Eyelashes and vegan Lashes, and Custom Lash Boxes are also included, but the cost of international shipping is not within the scope of the discount. This discount price is about 10% lower than the daily quotation. If the order is large, you can also enjoy a large order discount, up to 25%.

Get The Lowest Price From Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

The third time point is Black Friday in the United States. In late November, this time is the discount sales season in the United States. Chinese Eyelash Vendor will launch the same discount package. The discount ratio is relatively large, usually 30% of the daily quotation, that’s a very competitive price, suppose other resellers are stocking up on black friday and you’re buying lashes at regular prices, how are you going to compete?

Please note that if you want to enjoy these discounted orders, please contact your Eyelash Vendor 10 days in advance, because at this time the orders are relatively concentrated, the supplier may not be able to deliver in time, priority orders will be arranged in advance, and you may submit in advance 30% prepayment to get the discounted price, full payment when the promotion starts, provided you keep in good touch with your service provider to get the specific details of the promotion.

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