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Fox Eye Makeup Tips

One of the recent makeup trends in the beauty world has been fox eye makeup. Though similar to cat eyes and other winged eye looks, fox eyes have become a trend of its own. Fox eye makeup consists of emphasizing the inner corners with eyeliner and eyeshadow, creating a sleek and straight wing on the end and blurring it all to remove any harsh lines.Amor Eyelash Vendor share the Fox Eye Make up Tips and also recommend you the best eyelashes for you in this blog.

💙The look is also versatile depending on the way you want it to look — whether that means a longer wing, more blurred lines or experimenting with different colours, it can be altered slightly for anyone who learns how to do fox eye makeup. As you hop on the fox eye trend, here are makeup tips for fox eye makeup for you to learn from.

💘【Makeup tips】💕

❶ Do not use too heavy eye shadow! Give the eyelids a proper color, and the upper eyelids are all matte.

❷ The blush is also painted with eye shadow, so that the overall makeup will be harmonious.

❸ The eyeliner direction plays an important role with the fox eye look.

💕【Makeup procedure】💘

  1. Use a light orange for the bottom of the eye.
  2. Darken the head and tail of the eyes, and then use a brush to smudge both ends
  3. Use a darker color to draw the eyeliner.
  4. Use the darkest shade to draw an eyeliner guideline to help you draw eyeliner for later.
  5. The eyeliner is applied on both ends of the eye.
  6. Curl the eyelashes and then use a pearly eyeliner shade to have a realistic look

💕【Eyelashes Recomendation】💘

Short, light and winged eyelashes are the best choice for fox eyes make up. Here we recommend the light mink lashes made by Amor Eyelash Vendor, who has decades of eyelash experiences and provide cheaper but beautiful eyelashes all over the world.

Mink lashes for fox eye make up

Cashmere lashes for Fox Eyes make up

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