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Five Reasons why false eyelashes became so popular!

False Mink eyelashes so indispenseable!

Do you like false mink lashes?


I think there are many different reasons as to why false eyelashes became so much popular.

Its not really something people acively think about, but eyelashes really do control a lot of how we perceive someone.

I have come up 5 reasons that false lashes became popular.

1.HD CAMERAS Under the Rise of Social Media
  1. For example, there’s the fact that we have more HD cameras, so with regular mascara, you can see the texture that it adds whereas with false lashes, the hairs look like hairs rather than that textured look like so:
Woman wear mascara in between before and after
Woman wear mascara in between before and after

whereas with falsies, they don’t have that sort of waxy texture they just look like hairs


2. A lot films shows, you’re more likely to see some clusters rather than strip lashes. Clusters look more natural and generally don’t give that dark band on the lash line.


3.Other then, YouTube even have helped because you notice many YouTube gurus use them and even teach people how to use them as many people I knew didn’t wear them because they couldn’t get them to stick on.

Youtube Gurus tutoring people how to wear false lashes
Youtube Gurus tutoring people how to wear false lashes

4. Maybe you have celebrities promoting certain brands of lashes, makeup has become more popular so it makes sense that false eyelashes would too being that it’s within that category. 

5.Makeup Balance

5. Makeup in general has become more heavy within the past 5–6 years, specifially eyeshadow. Artists apply copious amounts of eyeshadow with much more detail. Some artists even do pictures on their eyes, such as making Zodiacs, or candy canes around the holidays. Alone, this heavy eyeshadow appears unbalanced. Lashes provide a tasteful and conclusive finishing touch.


Yes, there’s all I have comp up for now, if you have more thoughts about these reasons, please, comment underneath, I would really appreciate that.

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