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What have we improved on our false lashes product?

We Lashes Amor are false lashes the best vendor!

The Toxic Chemical!

In order to make the eyelashes more curled, the general eyelash suppliers chemically treat the eyelashes. The ingredients are very similar to those of the hair dye. Do you remember the familiar smell in the hair salon, it is pungent, it can’t be dissipated for a few days, right? As for the taste, it is a kind of nitric acid in chemical reagents.

The false eyelashes we are wearing is closely sticking to our own skin. That means the chemical ingredients will be absorbed through the skin. Remember, to penetrate the skin cuticle, these molecules have to be teeny, and a smaller molecule is more likely to be able to penetrate the skin.

The chemicals could also potentially soak down through the natural lashes follicles, which are highly vascularized, Piliang said.

So through our own skin or lashes follicles, compounds in hair dye could get into our bloodstream. That’s potentially worrisome, because a lot of the chemicals in hair dye are known or suspected to be linked to health issues.

Experts point out that its carcinogenic rate is very high.

Pioneer Innovation

However, the curling of our eyelashes has undergone physical heat treatment without any chemical treatment. Our eyelashes do not have any peculiar smell. We can confidently say that only our company in the world has this technology, and this technology is also our core competitiveness. , We all have environmental certificates.

Our mink false lashes the best

The eyeliner glue of our eyelash products is soft and durable. When used properly, it can ensure that the hair is not easy to fall off and bend naturally. This makes it easier to give consumers a natural wearing experience.

Other eyelashes and eyeliner glues on the market will harden and break easily after being placed for a long time. After being removed from the support, it cannot be bent naturally. making it difficult to wear.

Comparsion false lashes the best

The shape of our products will remain unchanged even after you swim or soak in water and then dry naturally.

Other eyelashes on the market have no tip and are easily deformed after being exposed to water.

Bring you beauty, products are natural and environmentally friendly. And it is our responsibility to care for small animals.

our false lashes the best compare to others

Wearing the false eyelashes produced by our company is a close contact with nature and small animals. Every hair is crueltyfree, the raw materials are sterilized by high temperature, no odor and no bacteria! You can use it with confidence!

That’s why we Lashes Amor are always in short supply! Cause false lashes the best are here waiting for you!

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