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Do Fake Lashes Damage Your Real Lashes?-Lashes Amor

Do Fake Lashes Damage Your Real Lashes?-Lashes Amor

Fake lash damages. It is always a myth about the use and wearing of false eyelashes. False eyelashes use a lot of glue when they are worn. Picking the fake lashes up may also take away some of your natural eyelashes. Will false eyelashes hurt your eyelashes?

Eyelash extension is able to damage the eyelashes, as we all know. Because of the technical means of extending the eyelashes, your own eyelashes will inevitably fall off to varying degrees. It is only different according to the means of the lashes technician, so the damage may be different. Your natural eyelashes will fall off and even become inflamed. However, if it is well maintained, it may only fall off without any obvious damage.

Mascara can also damage your eyelashes. Because the cleaning is not thorough, the residue of the chemical will make your eyelashes very bad.

Fake lash damages but ours wont hurt your eyes

Fake lash damages

The use of false eyelashes does not have such a problem. Especially good eyelashes that are not chemically treated are the best. Wearing the most comfortable eyelashes is often the best eyelash for yourself. At the same time make your eyes more beautiful.

Especially suitable for 3D mink lashes, the best eyelashes, you can go out when you wear them. Even if you don’t wear makeup, you will have a good effect.

If you want to develop good eyelashes. it’s really important to eat well and sleep well. Don’t toss. Add a glimmer only by false eyelashes. If you modify your eyelashes too exaggerated, it may have the opposite effect.

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