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Are you just starting to apply false eyelashes yourself? 

There are applying eyelashes tools and then, there are  MUST-HAVE tools and products that lash people couldn’t lash without! Below I break down the essentials and why you need them for lash applications. I will also briefly talk about the extras and how they enhance your service.


Lash Tweezers

tweezers for eyelashes tools

Tweezers are an essential tool for lashing. Tweezers are especially important because they are used to pick out and separate eyelashes during eyelash use. There are different types of tweezers, such as straight, curved, l-shaped, and each tweezer has a specific function. Tweezers can help you avoid touching your lashes directly with your hands, which will keep your lashes clean and avoid unnecessary damage to your lashes. The tweezers sold by Lashes Amor adopt titanium as raw material and have good quality, and can effectively avoid the allergy of special users to metal tweezers. The tweezers of Lashes Amor have reached the medical standard and occupy a dominant position in the industry. Isolation tweezers work to single out your natural lash of choice for a flawless application. They are ergonomically designed to ensure this.

Lash Adhesive

adhesive for eyelashes tools

Eyelash applying tool is an eyelash adhesive that is a crucial step in combining beautiful eyelashes with you. All the eyelash adhesive sold by Proluxurylashes are eyelash glue imported from Korea. Our adhesive has just the right viscosity. It will not stick too hard so that you cannot take off your eyelashes when you take them off. The eyelashes sold by Lashes Amor are divided into two categories, one is white adhesive glue, the other is a black adhesive glue. The advantage of black colloid is that it can replace eyeliner, the effect is the same as eyeliner, which greatly saves the user’s time cost.

Lash Brushes

Having these babies on hand throughout your false eyelashes application will keep your lashes upright, in order, and separated. Without brushing your the lashes, they may fully adhere at a strange angle, or worse… STICK! Lash brushes are good for so many reason, but their number one purpose is to ensure everything is staying separated. You may run into a sticky (literally) situation that a lash brush can’t get you out of, but 90% of the time your lash brushes will have your back.

Eyelashes tools are sets of indepensable supplement products to false mink lashes. Choosing Lashes Amor can make you better bundle sales and obtain greater profits. Moreover, you can print your logo on these eyelash extension tools to better promote yourself and become an excellent eyelash dealer.

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