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Eco-Friendly Hemp Plant Fibre Eyelashes

What is Hemp Plant Fibre Eyelashes?

As the Topic said, Hemp Fibre Eyelashe are the Eyelashes made of Hemp Plant Fibre. Maybe you don’t believe Cannas Lash Vendor can make fluffy 3D Eyelashes by Hemp Fibre, because plant fibre are rough and hard in our deep mind, how can it made into soft eyelashes?
But this is true, our material expert alreay conquer this problem, after 3 years numorious tests, our expert has select hemp fibre as eyelash material, and get it very good curl and make it last very long time!

Its appearance looks like real hair, a bit glow but not too shiny, only 0.05mm thickness ,much more softer than 0.07mm in the market, with a thinner and durable band, looks super natural.

Hemp Plant Fibre Eyelashes are easier to decompose than PBT eyelashes in the natural environment. It will not hurt the environment . ECO- Friendly recycled False Lashes!!!

Why We Develop Hemp Plant Fibre Eyelashes?

1:With the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, animal maybe can spread the epidemic, this cause worries of killing animals, more people would like to use Plant Fibre Lashes instead of animal fur hair lashes!

2: Most of the Customers who book order eyelashes from us are the followers of Greenpeace,they ask us to develop environmentally friendly, degradable plant fibre eyelashes to replace animal hair or non-degradable plastic eyelashes .

3:We have started the project since 2018, looking for a kind of plant fibers for making eyelashes, In order to make the plant fibre suitable for eyelashes, the following problems must be solved. Reduce the diameter of plant fibre at the same time Increase the elasticity and flexibility of plant fibre, also make the plant fibre heat-resistant and cover the green color when dying.

We cooperated with Doctor Sun and his team who returned from the United States Mr Sun to develop degradable materials together,Here is our R&D Team.

Why Only Hemp Fibres Can Produce High Quality Lashes?
After countless tests, and tried many different kinds of plant fibre, Hemp, bamboo, wood, cotton….. we found that ONLY hemp plant fiber is suitable for eyelashes,

1: The hair made from hemp plant fiber is naturally curved just right, soft. which can assure the final effect of eyelashes.

2:The hemp plant fiber is high temperature resistance which can assure the curve never be unshaped after heating and extend the usage life of eyelashes effectively.

3:Hemp Plant fiber is absolutely healthy. The cells of Hemp are highly similar to the cells of the human body, which are beneficial to the body and anti-fatigue,Flax can inhibit bacteria,Radiation protection

4:Besides that, This plant can be well integrated with the glue, and the more you use it, the stronger it will become

5.The false eyelashes made from Hemp plant fibre will keep the same design untill the eyelashes fall apart. it can be used countless times.

Can The Lash Tray Made Into Eco-friendly As Well?

Of course, Canas Lash Vendor also design and produced biodegradable lashes trays to match the Hemp Fibre Eyelashes, they are made of are made of sugarcane pulp.
Sugarcane pulp heat pressed into the desired lash tray shape, thus the lash tray very firm, can meet all requirement of put lashes, transportation and not easy to be moistured.
This kind of lash tray are biodegradable than the plastic lash tray, only shortage is little bit heavy than plastic lash tray, but we can bear this for the purpose of protect our mother earth, right ?

What is the wearing experience of Hemp Fibre Lashes?

The fibre can not get as long as mink fur hairs, so now only produce shorter lash styles, not more than 14mm length
Hemp Fibre Lashes not so shinny as mink fur lashes.
Of course it can not get the super confortable feeling as mink lashes, but it is very small diameter, and we make it with very good curl degree, so it looks much fluffy and natural,

Hot Selling Hemp Plant Fibre Eyelashes Catalogs As List!
Customized lash styles is also accepted! All the pictures of plant fibre eyelashes are taken in kind shooting, you can place orders rest assured.

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