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Does Half Strip Lashes Popular?

Amor lashes Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers found that more than 50% of women like to use natural lashes, although they occasionally try dramatic fully lash styles, but quickly return to the natural look, so recently Half Strip Lashes which looks more natural become popular again.

The Strip Lashes shown on the above catalog are half strip eyelashes with you can put an extra accent on your eyes. These false lashes give you the look as if you have eyelash extensions! The eyelashes have a light curl and therefore give your eyes a beautiful, lifting effect. Because these lashes become a little bit longer in the outer corner of your eye, your eyes appear optically larger.

When you apply the lashes, you should apply them from the 1/3 of your eyeliner calculate from the inner corner, beause the lashes are shorter than the full strip lashes.The most exciting part of half eyelashes is at the outer corner of the eye, where the eyelashes start to grow longer, increase the curvature, present the shape of half a fan, and raise the outer corner of the eye to make the eyes look bigger and more attractive.

After wearing half eyelashes, the eyes appear in a natural state as a whole, but it does not affect the partial Wispy, full volume shape, so Amor lash Vendor provides more half strip lash styles such as cat eye wing eyelashes, full volume eyelashes, and wispy half strip lashes of eyelashes for customers to choose from. .

This comments is coming from customer, it completely indicated how she love the lashes:

“They look very natural. I love the size of the lash not too big yet not small. In my opinion they are the best lashes I have bought. I like how they start small and increase in size at the end. As you can see on the picture I didn’t use eyeliner and they look very nice. If I want a more dramatic look like to go out I simple out on eyeliner and it’s perfect. I used to but Kiss #11 they look very natural as well but, since I tried these on these are my new favorite”

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