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Does DIY Mink Lash Kits Fit for College Girls?

Amor Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor has been researching for many years, and has never launched an eyelash suitable for college students till this DIY Mink Lash Kits appears! Why is this Kits suitable for college students? Why is this suitable for college students to start a business?

DIY Mink Lash Kits
  1. DIY Mink Lash Kits are complete and cheaper
    This product is composed of 8 components, all the tools necessary for the self-makeup process are complete, and the price is only 36 US dollars, which is very competitive! If several girls use it together, the average cost will be much lower, and this self-makeup primary eyelash kit can be used by several girls! This is more competitive than other products!

2.DIY Mink Lash Kits is Changeable makeup styles
Young people like to try, and they like a variety of makeup styles before forming their own complete makeup style. This DIY Mink Lash Kits provides them with the greatest possibility of DIY eyelash makeup! There are natural and fluffy eyelash clusters. They are not like strip eyelashes that completely replace their own eyelashes. They are just a supplement to their own eyelashes. Just apply a few clusters of eyelashes to make changes to your own eyelashes and form a new style. This is really fantastic!

  1. DIY Mink Lash Kits need very short Makeup time
    The main task of students is to study. In college, there is very little time that can be controlled outside of study! This set just meets their requirements, with a little practice, it can be pasted in a few minutes!
    amor eyelash wholesaler provides dozens of eyelash paste tutorials, use weekends to learn, smart college students will learn quickly, and you can make yourself a unique style of eyelash paste in a few minutes, isn’t it cool?
Eyelash Glue
  1. Makeup removal should be simple
    Makeup removal is also very simple. When your eyelashes have been grafted for 15 days, or when you want to change to a new eyelash grafting style, use a cotton swab to pick a small amount of makeup remover and apply it to the root of the eyelashes. Wait for the eyelash glue to dissolve after three minutes , you can remove the eyelash grafting. Super simple and easy to operate!
Fluffy Mink Lash Cluster

  1. Fit for starting a game of make up competation
    Well-educated students are the most creative group, if you can start a competition, select the outstanding eyelash makeup start-up competition, select 5 beautiful self-grafting eyelash looks, post their looks on social media, and give With a free eyelash set, then I believe that your low-cost eyelash business promotion will definitely bring you a great sensation and bring you a lot of high-quality traffic on social media!

Is this a very successful business case? Are you interested in this business? Then don’t hesitate, contact us, customize your brand, and start promoting immediately!

  1. Students are future loyal customers
    You will never think that 60% of these students will become your long-term loyal customers! This is an unimaginable wealth! Telecom companies, credit card banks are all in the business of college students, because they all want to turn these students into their loyal users, why don’t you?

Introduction of each component of Diy Mink Lash Kits:

DIY Mink Lash Kits
  1. natural Mink Lashes cluster
  2. fluffy Mink Lashes cluster
  3. One day lasting Lash Glue
  4. 15 days lasting Lash Glue
  5. lash extension remover
  6. Lash Glue Ring bow
  7. lash brush
  8. lash tweezers

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