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Do you really need a custom eyelash packaging box?

  • Do You Really Need a Custom Eyelash Packaging Box?

A common sense, a beautiful Custom Eyelash Packaging Box can increase your eyelashes line to a higher level, making eyelash operators easy to be trusted by customers, and the willingness of customers to repurchase will definitely increase. But Amor Lash Vendor reminds you that custom eyelash packaging will increase the cost by more than 50% (including additional shipping due to increased weight), so not all eyelash businesses must customize eyelash packaging boxes.

The first eyelash business, your customer base is not stable, and the customer scale is not large enough. This time is the stage of accumulating customers through low-cost eyelashes. Any excess expenses must be avoided. There is no need to customize the eyelashes packaging box, waiting for you When the customer base is large enough to buy back eyelashes, you can customize the eyelash packaging box and create your own eyelash brand.

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Baby Mother and colledge students only do part-time Eyelash Business. Without the willing to create a brand, thus there is no need to customize the eyelash packaging box, saving packaging costs and creating more profits are short-term eyelash business practices.

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  • You Don’t Need Custom Lash Box for Each Pair of Lashes

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Supplier suggests that it is more appropriate to make a 30% custom box amount according to your order,it is sure that when some customers tried to apply on these good quality eyelashes, they should be excited to buy some lashes as a gift to their relatives, gifts naturally need good packaging, 30% of the eyelashes with Custom Lash Box will be ordered as a gift way to sell, so you should prepare 30% Custom Lash Packaging to fulfill gift orders and you’ll be amazed that these gift lashes will bring you new customer orders.

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  • Who Should to Order 100% Custom Lash Packaging Box?

If your consumer is a high-spending group and you are willing to create Luxury Eyelash Brand, then it is recommended that you have a custom lash packaging box for each pair of lashes, because these rich people are very willing to pay for luxury eyelashes in beautiful packaging, Poor packaging or unpackaged eyelashes is an insult to them.

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