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Do You know How to Start Your Lash Business?

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor advised that when you start your lash business, Customer group, social media traffic is the first consideration for you. Following is a new customer who want to start lash business, she knew very clear how to start, i excerpt our WhatsApp dialogue for your reference!

Circled 3D Mink Lashes

In order for good view, i marked pink color dialogues are from From Nancy Customer, Black sentences are From Eric, Eyelash Vendor

Hello Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor! I am Nancy, i am looking to start my business is selling lashes and would like some info on how to get started! I looked at your catalogue and wanted to know what would be the best approach

Hello dear,
I am Eric from Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor.
First , I send you 2023 popular lash catalogs
Pls pick out your love ❤️ lash styles from the catalogs.
Second. Let’s talk on how start Lash Business.Start lash business, first, take sample lash styles, you need to promote high quality eyelashes to get your customers, these lashes in catalogs are high-end false eyelashes, including 3D Mink Lashes, Silk Lashes and Vegan Cashmere Lashes, they can last over 20 times resuable.
What’s your opinion on how to do lash business? You can tell me, then we can do something help you,to get yr lash business grow up.
Hi dear,got your response, you have circled 7 styles Silk Lashes, 7 styles Cashmere Lashes and 11 styles 3D Mink Lashes, total 30 different lash styles.
What’s your budget to start your lash business?

Nancy Circled 3D Mink Lashes

For my budget, is hopefully around a thousand, two thousand at the most
Hello 🙂 I circled the lashes that interested me from your catalogue. I will be starting my business online with IG, Facebook, TikTok, and my own website. I am originally from Hawaii and have many friends and family who already purchase lashes and who love it so I already know my target market. I am thinking to also have those who I know review my lashes to promote my business to have more customers 🙂

This is great, you have a clear understanding of your business prospects, your customer groups are also very clear, including the means of obtaining customer traffic are also considered very clearly!

Our shipping speed is very fast, and it can be delivered to your home within one week after payment.
So for the first eyelash business, you don’t need such a high budget, just 500 US dollars for each purchase. Just replenish your inventory a week in advance.

You have chosen 30 different types of eyelashes, you can purchase 5 pairs of each type, a total of 150 pairs of eyelashes to test customers, I am sure some of them are not suitable for your customer group, filter the best-selling styles to make a brand.
What do you think?

Nancy Circled Cashmere Lashes

I am super excited and optimistic to start my business and being from a small island, my friends love to support local business ❤️

That is perfect! I did have a question, is there a possibility to sample the 30 pairs and filter it from there? I can pay for the samples

Yes dear, we support samples , i make a mistake, you choose 32 different styles instead of 30 pairs.

Dear, where do you live? is there Dhl or fedex or UPS shipping system?

Nancy Circled Silk Lashes

I live in Washington state, US so we have all Dhl, FedEx, and UPS as a shipping system.

Where would I go about purchasing the samples?

Pls send me your email , i create paypal invoice can done payment via paypal link.Same time pls lmk your mailing address for shipping matter.

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