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Do You Know Dolly Style Lashes?

A Doll Lash Dream

As adults, we will be far away from our dolls, but the dolls that accompanied our childhood are still deeply imprinted in our hearts. So, isn’t it great to put on a pair of beautiful eyelashes and dress yourself up as a cute and innocent doll?

Amor Lash Vendor provides eyelash styles that can be used to dress up Doll Eye, and eye shape that can be used to dress up Doll Eye, and clearly analyzes how it works in the way of lash map.

What Are Dolly Style Lashes?

Amor Lash Vendor’s research shows that the lashes longger in the middle with lash clusters and taper and shorter at the inner and outer corners of the eye can pull up the eyelids and make your eyes look bigger and rounder, similar to the big doll’s eyes The same, cute, super cute! We call these kind of false lashes Dolly Style Lashes.

Dolly Style Lashes Map and Pictures

  • Dolly Lash Map
  • Dolly Style Mink Lashes

These luxury Mink Lashes are Dolly Style Eyelashes made by Amor Lash Vendor, they have soft lash band, lightweight, super confortable when you apply on, 100% handmade and cruelty free, first choice for your lash business.

  • A pair of 3d 16mm mink lashes
  • A pair of 3d 16mm mink lashes
  • A pair of 3d mink false eyelashes
  • a pair of vegan lashes
  • Dolly Style Vegan Lashes

Vegan Lash Styles including Faux Minks, Cashmere Lashes and Hemp Plant Fiber Lashes, they are prepared for the Vegan Lash Lovers.

Not only confortable, but also affordable, if you want to invest less and you have Vegan Lash Clients, they are good choice!

  • A pair of 3d 14mm mink lashes
  • a pair of vegan lashes

What Eyeshape Can Apply Dolly Style Lashes Perfect?

Not all eyeshape can do Doll Eye makeup, following eyeshape are perfect for DOLL EYE, such as Small Eyes, Downturned Eyes,Wide Set Eyes, Monolid Eyes and Deep Set Eyes, when these eyes apply Dolly Style Lashes, they are easy get bigger and rounder! They are the perfect eyeshape for Dolly Eyes!

More Lash Styles Please View Following Web Page

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