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Difference Between Good Quality Lashes and Bad-LASHES AMOR

1.Good quality eyelash tips are obvious.

Difference between good lashes and bad. We will delete raw materials before production. Throw away the hair without hairy tips. Inferior products do not have this step, they often buy broken hair, because such raw materials are cheaper.

2. Good quality mink are soft.

Because the tail hair is chosen, the texture is soft. It is very light and weightless. Inferior hair is plastic, may hurt your eyes, and not so light.

3. In the production process, our eyelash line is designed and ergonomic.

When you take it off the tray, you can maintain the camber. The inferior lash eyeliner is straightened off the tray. This is very bad for wearing. It is also easy to fall off when brought to the eyes.

4. It is also important to glue on the eyeliner.

We use two-point glue. Take it off from the eyelashes and basically wear it without cleaning it. Inferior products are coated with glue on the entire eye line. The entire eyelashes are very sticky and dirty. It takes a long time to clean before wearing. If the cleaning is not thorough, it will not only affect the appearance but also be heavy. Two-point glue is very time consuming, and it is easy to glue on the first line.

5. The glue we use is also the best glue.

The glue is transparent and safer and more beautiful. The glue of poor quality eyelashes has a bad feeling of use.

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Difference between good lashes and bad

6.We are the 3D products.

There are so many products called 3D eyelashes on the market, only our products are designed by designers. Our eyelashes are fluffy and three-dimensional. Inferior eyelashes are flat and rigid. Good eyelashes are designed to place hair regularly. The bad eyelashes are disordered, and you can’t see the hair flow at all.

7. Inferior products are easy to lose hair.

A lot of hair will fall off with tweezers. Imagine that when you paint delicate makeup to join a party, the eyelashes fall off. What an awkward thing this is.

8.Generally, the products of some suppliers use chemical treatments to fix and make the eyelashes become more warped.

Difference between good lashes and bad. The reagent they use, similar to the perm potion, is of higher concentration badly. The long-term use of eyelashes treated in this way will cause adverse effects on the eyes and skin. You should know what kind of situation such a product will cause. It’s very scary.

We use the means of physics, adjust the curl of eyelashes up to lashes warped degree.No chemical treatment, all through temperature control. Our eyelashes do not have any peculiar smell, more natural, more comfortable, softer, will not have any harm to the body, and has a velvet appearance. This technology is only our patent, currently the most suitable technology for the eyelash production process, and is one of our core competencies.

Many of our customers say that a lot of eyelashes are special. Their eyeliner length is also out of specification, too short or too long. We are always committed to making the best products, and we hope to bring a beautiful experience to every woman. Better Lashes, Better Life.

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