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Difference Between Good Quality Lashes and Bad

When you start lash business, you should have the abality to check the high-quality lashes among the lash samples. If you can not do this, then read this blog carefully, this blog shares by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor, tell you what’s the difference between the high-quality lashes and bad.

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1.High-quality eyelashes have obvious hair peaks

We will delete raw materials before production. Throw away the hair without hairy tips. Inferior products do not have this step, they often buy broken hair, because such raw materials are cheaper.

2. High-quality mink are soft.

Because the tail hair is chosen, the texture is soft. It is very light and weightless. Inferior hair is plastic, may hurt your eyes, and not so light.

3. High-quality lashes has and keep curls

High-quality lashes keep their curls for a long time
Look at the curvature of the lashes, when you take it off the tray, high-quality lashes have the same curvature as the picture, and this curvature can always be maintained. But low-quality eyelashes have no curvature, no 3D effect, or the curvature will no longer be maintained after wearing them a few times.

4. High-quality lashes keep clean during shipping

Skill workers only apply lash glue on the 2 outer point of lash band ,when the put the high-quality lashes to the lash tray. We use two-point glue. Bad quality lashes apply lash glue on whole lash band to put the lash onto lash tray. The lash will get to sticky and dirty during the international transportation, It takes a long time to clean before wearing. If the cleaning is not thorough, it will not only affect the appearance but also be heavy.

5. Best glue produce high-quality lashes

High-quality lash glue make the lasheslightweight,long-time lasting,and resuable and clean. Bad quality lash glue exudes a pungent chemical smell,stickly on the lash band and gather more dusts all the time, and bad quality lash glue also make thicker, heavy lash band as well,bring a bad feeling of use.

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Difference between good lashes and bad

6.High-quality lashes appears super 3D effects

There are so many eyelashes called 3D eyelashes on the market, Eyelashes made by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor are well known for its fluffy and three-dimensional appearance. Inferior eyelashes are flat and rigid. Good eyelashes are designed to place hair regularly. The bad eyelashes are disordered, and you can’t see the hair flow at all.

7. Bad-quality lashes are easy to lose hair.

Bad quality lashes using bad lash glue and they are not made by skillful workers, they always keep falling lash hairs when you pick it from lash tray an also during you applying on eyes. Imagine that when you paint delicate makeup to join a party, the eyelashes fall off. What an awkward thing this is.

8.Bad-quality lashes keep Warped by chemical treatments

Low-quality eyelashes will curl due to chemical agents. Chemical agents make the hair brittle, and the curvature of the eyelashes will disappear with a small amount of external force. And long-term use of such treated eyelashes will cause adverse effects on the eyes and skin, which is very scary.

Amor eyelash suppliers use physical methods to adjust the curl of eyelashes to achieve the degree of eyelash curling. Our eyelashes do not have any peculiar smell and can be used repeatedly for a long time, more natural, more comfortable, softer without any harm to the body, and have a velvety appearance. This technology is only our patent, it is currently the most suitable technology for eyelash production process, and it is one of our core competitiveness.

We are always committed to making the best products, hoping to bring a wonderful experience to every woman. Better Lashes, Better Life.

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