Eyelash Packaging & Private Label

We Amor Lashes Vendors are not only provide high quality mink lashes, but also provide Eyelash Packaging, Private Label and Custom Lash Packaging service for all our cliens!

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>>>Customization On Rectangular Eyelashes Packagings<<<

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Customize Eyelash Packaging Boxes

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minklashes customization service on rectangular-box

>>>Click here check Round Eyelash Case Box boxes<<<

Diamond Eyelash Case Box

Hot-stamped Custom Lash Case

Recommendation Design For Your Custom Lash Case

Many Customers Want To do Custom Lash Case, but there is no design material. Or Finding Material can be time-consuming and money in vain.

As we all know for sure that vast net resources but opportunities are fleeting , Waste one second, You may miss it.

Based on it,  Our designers provide you with some design materials available with summing up the experience.

These design materials fully show human nature with elegant, flamboyant, introverted, fashion…

Choose the one that belongs to you, or you can tell us what you have…At your service.

Below is a picture of the details of the box. Please refer to the information above to tell me the information about the box you want.

There are some availiable Wholesale Eyelash Case logos for you to choose from, or you can tell us your thoughts. Our design team can design Wholesale Eyelash Boxes for you based on your needs and the sensitivity of our designers to fashion.

Custom Lash Case Texture and Bottom paper color

customize eyelashes packaging texture

For the texture of the Custom Logo Eyelash Case, we also offer some choices, such as flash, holographic, and marble, which are very good models on the market. Or if you have any good ideas about the Custom Lash Case, please feel free tell us.

On the printed Round Eyelash Packaging, in order to better highlight the 3d Mink Eyelashes, we will put some bottom paper under the eyelash tray, you can choose the color you like.

However, the suggestion from our side is that if the printed logo is light, then the bottom paper is recommended to be deeper. If the logo is dark, then it is recommended to select a light color for the bottom paper.


Q: I want to order a box, how to play my order?

A: Hello, here is Luna, now Custom Eyelash Packaging has become a trend, we will help you customize your own Diy Eyelash Packaging, increase brand recognition.

First of all, what do you think about the Eyelash Storage Box? If there is no way to slide up, we have provided some custom Mink Eyelashes Casesthat can be used as a reference. Tell me what you like and what you want.

Secondly, if you come with an idea, please contact me directly about the details of the Eyelash Case Box you want.

Then we will discuss the details about the logo.

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