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Crisscross Lashes From Best Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor-Lashes Amor

Crisscross Lashes From Best Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor

Crisscross mink lashes have always been a hot spot on the market. The crossed eyelashes are more natural and have a sense of fashion. So if you want more natural eyelashes, be sure to choose this one. Crisscross eyelashes will make your eyes look furry and big. After all, the only difference between Mickey and Minnie is the beautiful eyelashes.

Cross Dense Eyelashes – Interlaced V-Type Eyelash Cluster

The first one is 20mm mink lashes DM01, which consists of 6 bundles of relatively thick hairs and small bundles around them. This one mixes the more trendy design and the effect of maximizing your eyes. It is the latest new design we launched. This medium-volume, two-layer stacking effect is a little bit dramatic. This style of eyelashes has a feathered appearance with different lengths of mink hair. It has a nice eyelash fan shape from short to evenly interlaced, making them more realistic than the same length of the other false eyelashes.

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Crisscross mink lashes

Cross Natural Eyelashes – Full Size Cross Shadow Design

DM12 is a small bundle eyelashes with a uniform distribution of mink hair. Sexy and elegant. Although this model looks thinner than the previous one, it is more lush. Our designers made him a dramatic curl. At the same time, its length of hair bundles brings a different sensory experience to the eyelashes. This type of mink eyelash is very light and comes with no pressure on your eyes.

If it is thick false eyelashes, the density of crossover is relatively large, so that it is important to be layered. For natural eyelashes, weightlessness is the point.

Everyone likes their beautiful false eyelashes to be soft and elastic while maintaining a moderate curl. Crisscross eyelashes are just enough to meet your needs for having a big eye. You can always find examples of these crisscross lashes in different lengths in Lashes Amor. Come and choose a crisscross eyelash that suits you.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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