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Classic Vs Volume Lashes: Which Do You Prefer?

So you want to start Eyelash Business? Great – you’ll LOVE this industry, it not only make money for you, it also give you huge chance to try different lash styles! And you can take many many beautiful pictures and post on your social media account, its sooo exciting and amazing thing. First though, you have a decision to make: classic lashes, or volume lashes? It’s not immediately obvious what the difference is from the name but there are quite a number of distinctions between them – in terms of look, the time it takes to have them done, and in cost.

If you’re not sure which style is right for you, read this Amor Lashes Vendor‘s handy guide to all the differences between classic and volume eyelash.

What Are Classic Eyelash style ?
Classic eyelash style are those who looks like original lashes but make it longer, just like where single extensions are applied to each natural lash. for example when you do lash extension,It’s sometimes referred to as ‘one to one’ because it’s one extension to one lash. A lash artist dips the end of an individual extension into adhesive then applies it on top of or under your natural lash, and repeats until each medium and mature lash is done. Thats the Classic Eyelashes looks like.

Classic is the go-to choice if you’re seeking a more natural look, giving you gorgeous longer looking lashes.

What Are Volume Eyelashes ?
Volume Eyelashes are much difference to the classic eyelashes, they are appearing with clusters, or appearing like fan. We also discribe them by eyelash extension, for example, when more than two individual extensions are attached to each natural lash. They are first formed into fans, which is where the desired number of lashes are fanned out and as a “bouquet”, applied onto one natural lash with adhesive. When all natural lashes sticked the “fans”, the eyelashes looks more fluffy and dramatic.

This style is also known as Russian Volume. Russian Volume creates a much more dramatic.If the fans are made of 6 or more extensions then this is known as Mega Volume.

Which Is Better Classic Or Volume Lashes?
So which style is better? Amor Lashes Vendor has ever anylysis according to feedbacks from our customers, results is they are all very good. Classic lashes are popular during the light skin color and elder customers; But the Volume Lashes are popular among the deep color girls and some exciting scenes.

What eyelash style do you prefer? Please leave your comments below for our reference!.

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