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Why You Have To Choose Mink Lashes With Good Quality And High Price

Why You Have To Choose Mink Lashes With Good Quality And High Price

Choose mink lashes with good quality. This is actually a paradox, why choose a good and expensive product? Good products are expensive. There won’t be good and cheap things in the world. If it is cheap, it is definitely not so good. Here are the tips:

  • Good lashes raw materials are expensive. The product is safer, harmless, and beautiful.
  • Good lashes production process is expensive, which means more design and more uses.
  • Strict product review to ensure product quality.

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Choose mink lashes with good quality

Choosing a product is very important. Good products can retain more customers. For the eyelashes, in fact, everyone pays attention to beauty and comfort. In a certain price range, the price is actually not so important.

Make sure you choose best!

Many of beginners aimed at as low-end customers, and later gradually enriched their product lines and turned into multiple customers or high-end customers. Because these retailers realize that only by developing high-end customers can they have more profits.

There are a lot of customers. When they started the eyelash business, they told us that they can buy $3 eyelashes and sell them for $10. Buy 8 US dollars of eyelashes, which can sell for 20 dollars. For the same $100, guests like to buy cheap eyelashes and they want more. Sounds reasonable, isn’t it? But, they won’t always want the kind of bad eyelashes.

 The poor product turnover rate is low, and there are many poor products with a minimum order quantity of 100 or more. The importer has put a lot of inventory and it takes a long time to sell it, and some may not sell it. And good products are easy to sell. The inventory in your hand can easily be converted into cash. What’s more, we don’t have a minimum order quantity yet.

Products can only be turned into money if they are sold, otherwise it is just garbage. If your bad eyelashes can’t be sold, will you wear it yourself? No, you will wear those good eyelashes. Then throw away those bad ones or give them away.

I think the problem of choosing eyelashes is simple. If it is you, what kind of eyelashes would you choose? Would you choose cheaper quality or better quality?

If you are not sure, I suggest you come to the next sample order. Through real comparison, we can know why we choose our products.

We, Lashes Amor, not only to do expensive products but also to do the right products. We have been working hard to meet your needs. Better Lashes, Better Life.

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